Citizen needs are driving the next phase of the digital revolution

Findings from a survey conducted by Agilisys, digital transformation specialist for the public sector, have revealed that a desire to deliver better customer service and communication is a key enabler behind the unprecedented move to digital service delivery.

The survey asked respondents to share the progress they are making on their digital transformation journeys. The findings highlight the growing role of digital technology as an enabler in the transformational delivery of customer services.

From the survey results, 91% of public sector respondents thought their service delivery would benefit from digital, and 86% said they believed customer service would also improve.

Communication was also cited as an important factor – more than 70% thought that citizen communication would improve with the implementation of enabling digital technologies.

Simone Davey, Customer Service and Business Support Manager at North Somerset Council, commented: “Undoubtedly the move to digital offers local authorities the opportunity to make cost savings but these survey findings highlight the myriad of possibilities it also presents to deliver better outcomes for our customers.

We have already responded to growing expectations and are investing in new technologies, and enhancing the overall experience for those accessing services with assisted self-service to encourage digital literacy amongst our residents. However, we recognise that improving the experience is not just about the ease of use of our website. A key element is to remove barriers to accessing services by supporting accessibility and providing multiple options for citizens to access digital services.”

Ashley Bryant, Director of Customer Service at Agilisys, said: “The survey findings highlight how the public sector is looking at ways in which it can do more to meet the increasing expectations of citizens through the power of technology. Although the private sector has historically led the way in this area, we see that public sector organisations are realising the need to cater to users’ high expectations of digital services and are finding new ways to maximise growing levels of digital access.

Across the country, we are working with local authorities who are embracing new technology to benefit their communities; from the use of smart sensors on roads to collect data to improve traffic flows, to data analytics which target early interventions in social care to better support some of their most vulnerable citizens. Technological advancements can greatly facilitate and improve both customer service and communication to deliver better outcomes for their citizens.”

Agilisys has been working with the public sector for over 15 years, using the power of digital technology to transform services for millions of citizens across the UK.

To read more about the survey findings, download a copy of the report, ‘The State of the Digital Nation‘.