Helpshift Launches AI-Powered Web Chat to Instantly Connect Companies and Consumers

Helpshift, the company revolutionizing the customer support industry through messaging-first customer experiences announced the release of Helpshift Web Chat, an AI-powered website support offering that will enable brands to provide massively scalable, real-time, chat-based customer support on their web and mobile sites.

Helpshift’s industry-leading in-app support serves over 600 million customers each month. Now, with Web Chat, Helpshift is leveraging its deep expertise in mobile to provide customers with enterprise-grade live support for websites with out-of-the-box setup, pre-configured chatbots, and real-time, priority-based routing to drive customer satisfaction and conversions.

“Today’s online and in-app consumers want to feel that their favorite brands know and value them,” said Helpshift Chief Executive Officer Linda Crawford. “This is the key reason that AI- powered messaging solutions across digital channels will be the preferred interface of the future. Real-time, chat-based messaging is the communication experience that customers expect. With Helpshift’s platform, companies achieve increased engagement with their customers and a distinct competitive advantage. We’re thrilled to be offering Web Chat to our customers.”

Meeting Consumers Where They Are

According to a recent Facebook survey conducted by Nielsen, some 56 percent of people would prefer to message a business versus making a telephone call to customer service, and 63 percent said that messaging makes them see the business in a more positive light.

Helpshift Web Chat addresses this trend, providing an intelligently-designed modern chat experience and a new channel for web or mobile site visitors to obtain instant help and support. Without having to call, email or fill out forms, with one click consumers can start a chat with an agent who can resolve issues quickly or sales experts who can upsell or cross-sell goods and services.

Driving Customer Satisfaction and Conversions

Helpshift Web Chat is built to drive customer satisfaction and increase conversions by processing and routing millions of issues in as little as 15 seconds, meeting or exceeding strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) while facilitating breakthrough results for customers.

Helpshift Web Chat’s user experience will be very familiar to end-user customers, as it features an interface similar to Apple iMessage or Facebook Messenger, with features such as typing indicators, chat avatars, and “sent” and “read” receipts.

With Helpshift Web Chat’s easy setup, customers can customize the look and feel and have it up and running in less than 15 minutes. Additionally, without any custom development, businesses can leverage Helpshift Chatbots to optimize agent efficiency, eliminate customer wait time, and drive higher CSAT ratings. Helpshift Chatbots include:

  • Answer bot – instantly matches customer inquiries with relevant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) without the need for an agent, thereby driving faster resolution times
  • GetInfo bot – prompts users for their name, email and other information (using customizable fields), so that live agents do not have to spend time collecting this basic information and thus driving higher agent productivity
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) bot – this automates customer feedback immediately following issue resolution, avoiding out-of-channel email follow-up and resulting in higher survey completion rates
  • Customized bots – customers can create bots to suit their specific needs

Priority Routing: Right Customer, Right Time

To ensure that customers are serviced at the right time, by the right agent, Web Chat also offers routing based on priority, skill and availability. Helpshift’s industry-first, real-time priority-based routing enables support organizations to automatically prioritize customers based on important customer characteristics such as premium user, shopping cart value or airline/hotel reservation status. Helpshift Web Chat also includes a 360-degree customer view, enabling agents to see all previous chat history, as well as providing any other customized data collected from any existing CRM. With this in-depth information, agents resolve customer issues faster.

Helpshift Customer Chatbooks Realizes Faster Resolutions, More Conversions

Web Chat is delivering amazing results for Chatbooks, the leading maker of instant online photo books. Angel Brockbank, Director of Support, says, “Our data showed that customers with shorter response times were much happier. Web Chat has been a game-changer for Chatbooks. Now, agents can immediately help customers through our step-by-step ordering process, improving cart conversion. Helpshift is directly impacting our revenue, and customers are thrilled with the speedy response.”