Loway Switzerland announces a new partnership with Wazo unified communication platform

Loway, worldwide leading provider of solutions for call-centers, is glad to announce its successful integration with Wazo, the unified communications platform for business, based on Asterisk technology.

Loway’s QueueMetrics-Live call-center suite, is now fully integrated with Wazo IPBX.

Wazo is a unified communication platform and a full-featured IPBX based on Asterisk technology, oriented towards enterprise communications.
Wazo was forked from XiVO on November 25th, 2016, starting off the development version following XiVO 16.13.

QueueMetrics-Live suite collects Asterisk data and generates analytical reports for over 180 metrics, covering all the key categories of call center effective management: Reporting, Supervisor page, Agent page, Quality assessment and much more.

This integration provides professional users with a top class solution for monitoring everything that happens in their call center, turning Wazo IPBX into a 360 degrees call centre platform with reporting and analytics.

“We are extremely excited of this strategic partnership with Wazo platform and about this successful integration.
By using Wazo IPBX in combination with QueueMetrics-Live you can set up a fully-featured contact centre with a very reasonable budget investment.
Wazo users can now benefit from the state-of-the art analytics and reporting system of QueueMetrics suite with a very simple and quick integration.” Said Lorenzo Emilitri, Founder of Loway.

“The QueueMetrics connector with Wazo enhanced your call center in one click.

The integration is easy and give to Wazo superpower on call center statistic.” Said Sylvain Boily, Wazo development team project Leader.

QueueMetrics call center suite is available both on premise and hosted cloud service.