Acticall Sitel Group Partners with BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions and Qlik to Empower Customer Experience Management Through Enhanced Digitization and Big Data

Acticall Sitel Group, a world-leading provider of customer experience solutions, announced that it has established strategic partnerships with BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions and Qlik to further Acticall Sitel Group’s ability to leverage data and analytics to help their customers provide exceptional client experience moments.

At a time when brands are servicing customers across multiple channels, from different locations and at any time of day, the rise of customer data has become increasingly overwhelming to extract and manage. Now, clients of Acticall Sitel Group can benefit from the company’s extensive arsenal of data to engage with their customers effectively, while at the same time, make smarter decisions about their customer service strategy.

“Our core objective was to bring the information assets together and discover insights through data science and analytical capabilities,” said Subhendu Mandal, Senior Vice President of Sitel Customer Insights. “The partners we chose in BRIDGEi2i will help us execute our vision with speed and scale while Qlik will provide a consumption layer that will be consistent across the organization.”

BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions and Acticall Sitel Group

The partnership with BRIDGEi2i will enable Acticall Sitel Group to provide brands with a comprehensive technology platform that will analyze customer data quickly and deliver enhanced insights and real-time information, key capabilities in the quest to create a richer and more rewarding experience for their customers. In addition to providing more value to its customers, the partnership with also enable Acticall Sitel Group to further its own digital transformation by leveraging the analytics capabilities to make additional insight and decisions for its own business. This partnership will bring advanced data science insights from contact center driven information assets in a way that no customer experience company has done before. By leveraging BRIDGEi2i analytics solutions, Acticall Sitel Group will be able to improve business outcomes for clients including retention, NPS score, reduction of churn, and sales convergence.

Qlik and Acticall Sitel Group

Acticall Sitel Group is working with Qlik as part of the company’s move to leverage big data within its organization. As part of the agreement, Qlik will draw data from disparate sources within Acticall Sitel Group and power insights for employees through a visual and interactive presentation layer. This will enable Acticall Sitel Group to have access to data previously hidden across data sources, such as CRM or HR systems, or not accessible quickly for business decisions. Now, with this data at their fingertips, Acticall Sitel Group executives can access data from multiple sources in one simple and easy to use dashboard.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

The combination of Acticall Sitel Group, BRIDGEi2i, and Qlik is unique to the industry as it will allow Acticall Sitel Group and its clients to analyze seemingly endless amounts of data derived from multiple resources in a more efficient way. Whether it is analyzing the customer interactions across different touchpoints (phone calls, email, chat, agent calls, surveys, social media), financial data, demographics, unstructured data in form of open-ended comments, the amount of data that will now be accessible to clients and in real time will have a direct impact on enriching business decisions around CX strategies and customer journeys.

“The partnerships with BRIDGEi2i and Qlik will enable Acticall Sitel Group and its subsidiaries to better digest our clients’ data and, in turn, put forth actionable next steps they can take to enhance the customer experience journey,” said Arnaud de Lacoste, Chief Marketing and Innovations Officer at Acticall Sitel Group. “We are excited to partner with two companies who value and understand the power of harnessing data and we look forward to offering additional comprehensive customer experience solutions with the help of BRIDGEi2i and Qlik.”