Nissan Applies MaritzCX Research to Measure Program ROI and Drive a Better Customer Experience

Nissan used MaritzCX’s customer experience advanced analysis research to evaluate return on investment (ROI) and measure sales and customer service score increases from its Nissan Customer Acquisition and Retention (NCAR) dealer delivery program.

“We’re trying to be more innovative and in touch with what our younger customers want and need, and identify how we can build better relationships with them,” said Dan Morrow, senior manager, market intelligence at Nissan.

In an initiative to give the customer a voice in their experience, and allow them to drive the process, Nissan implemented NCAR. NCAR is a digital tablet-based program that leads Nissan’s sales consultants through an interactive process with buyers to get their selected car ready and tailor the vehicle training to the specific features that were selected by the customer. NCAR replaced an outdated three-part carbon hard copy paper checklist system that was time consuming and lacked the ability to individualize the buying experience.

Prior to implementing a nationwide program; Nissan leadership needed proof of concept that NCAR was a sound investment that improved the experience for its customers.

“We knew this concept was different, leveraging technology to make such a significant change. There wasn’t any precedent for showing ROI. That’s where we really needed the MaritzCX teams help to measure the success of the program,” said Rick Levitin, senior manager customer experience & technology, Nissan.

MaritzCX advanced analysis and reporting demonstrated an immediate and continued increase in delivery of customer experience (CX) scores for dealers using the NCAR program compared to those that didn’t.

The NCAR program increased almost every individual CX score across all sales for almost every participating dealer. Largely linked to NCAR, Nissan received a 95-point, 3-ranking increase in the JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index Study (SSI) in only two years.

Additionally, following the initial sale of a car, the NCAR program continued to deliver increased service revenue to dealers as customers proved to be 14.6 percent more likely to book service with a dealer and show up for the scheduled service appointment.

These results provided Nissan senior management with the confidence to expand the NCAR program into all U.S. dealerships.

“Nissan’s customer experience team took a risk in developing this program where it saw a digital interface as the way to transform and improve the connection and experience it was able to deliver to its customers,” said Doug Jones, Sr., consultant, marketing sciences at MaritzCX. “The NCAR initiative is the most effective program I’ve analyzed in my 18 years of working in automotive research. It is consistently driving measurable, positive customer satisfaction and customer loyalty outcomes.”

Next steps for Nissan include continuing to partner with MaritzCX on using research and advanced analytics to ensure continued learning about its customers’ behavior to deliver the exceptional experience every Nissan customer deserves.