zehnplus Launches the World’s Most Advanced A.I. Driven FAQ Product Providing Unparalleled Customer Experience and Increased Sales

zehnplus, a leader in customer self-service digital solutions, announced the launch of the world’s most advanced A.I. driven FAQ product, FAQtool (www.faq-tool.com). With prices starting as low as $15 per month, FAQtool’s A.I. algorithm technology provides the most superior customer self-service currently available on the market.

Now available to companies of all sizes to instantly answer customer questions, directly addressing their top wants and needs, building trust and increasing sales rates.

“The zehnplus team developed this product with three key goals in mind: provide the best possible experience for end customers while helping company’s sales rates rise and lifting the burden of their customer care teams. The latest versions of our artificial intelligence knowledge-based software are priced to be easily accessible to every business website in the world,” stated Patrick Vögeli, the company’s Managing Director with more than 15 years of customer care experience . “Of questions answered by businesses, over 70% are always the same. With FAQtool, companies can answer these and the most relevant ones automatically, thus saving business valuable time whilst improving service to their customers.”

zehnplus’s FAQ product enables both service and revenue growth when added to any website or self-service platform:

  • With the new A.I. technology developments, the FAQ product allows companies to cater to their own and their customers’ needs;
  • Eases customer purchases and builds trust by answering pre-sales questions about products and services, which results in higher sales;
  • Relieves the workload of customer support teams and cuts costs by automatically answering high-frequency questions;
  • Enables companies to learn about their customers and understand where their customers are running into issues, which allows them to determine where they can modify their approach;
  • Enables companies to easily create, maintain and optimize content based on customer behavior reports and analyses;
  • Allows companies to expand their customer base with its multilingual function.

In turn, this product completely transforms the customer’s experience and provides invaluable insights into how a company’s’ products and websites are performing. The FAQ software can be easily integrated with any existing sales website or any customer support platform and analytical tools.

“The FAQ software developed by zehnplus was so much easier to work with compared to other systems we were considering,” stated Peter Johansson, Lead Product Support at XING. “It is the only tool that catered to all our needs. The collaboration with the project team has been nothing short of stellar.”