Virtual Hold Technology’s Partnership with Videlica Helps Businesses of all Sizes Eliminate Hold Time Across EMEA

Failure to tackle lengthy call queues has been a significant challenge for contact centres in the UK – costing businesses an estimated £3.7 billion. To help alleviate revenue loss, Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) and Videlica, a virtual queuing and omni-channel solutions provider, are expanding their long-standing partnership to bring VHT Callback cloud to EMEA.

Waiting on hold and transferring between agents has become one of the top reasons for customer loss across many industries. For more than a decade, Videlica and VHT have engaged this challenge by providing callback solutions to large enterprises in EMEA, helping to eliminate customer loss by creating positive customer experiences. Expansion of this partnership now allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from callback quickly and easily.

VHT Callback cloud provides a fully self-service platform that simplifies how callback is offered across voice, web and mobile channels – giving smaller businesses a scalable, cost-efficient option for eliminating customer frustration. Callback requests are sent to a cloud engine and entered into a virtual queue. Requests are then allocated to the appropriate agent based on their ability to resolve the issue.

“While investing in customer experience is a critical component in building and maintaining brand loyalty, tight budgets leave many companies believing callback is out of their grasp,” said Wes Hayden, CEO of VHT. “Videlica has been a crucial partner in developing and deploying on-premises callback solutions to leading enterprises globally. By extending our partnership to include VHT Callback cloud, all businesses across EMEA can now reap the benefits of callback without the worry of costly integration.”

“With a successful and award-winning partnership spanning more than ten years, Videlica and VHT are delighted to launch the Callback cloud solution into the EMEA market. A cloud solution is a natural evolution of the callback customer experience and dramatically reduces the time to market while negating the need for complex integrations into legacy contact center systems. “With Callback cloud, we can deliver significant improvements to customer experience in a matter of weeks.” said Alan Jones, Managing Director, Videlica. “Powerful APIs enable developers to rapidly deploy callback options across a company’s communication channels including mobile & web. And because the solution runs on the cloud, there is no need to purchase, install or maintain additional hardware or software.”

Additionally, VHT Callback cloud’s lightweight integration allows companies to implement callback on an as-needed basis. Simple, subscription-based pricing allows businesses to pay only when callback is in use – smoothing unexpected inbound spikes and reducing contact centre costs.