MeaningCloud Radically Simplifies the Use of Text Analytics in Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee Applications With Their New Vertical Packs

MeaningCloud, a leading company in text analytics and deep semantic analysis, announced the launch of its first Vertical Packs, focused on the analysis of the Voice of the Customer and the Voice of the Employee. The Packs provide a version of their analytical solutions adapted to the needs of Marketing, Customer Experience, or Human Resources executives.

In order for text analytics to provide meaningful and actionable insights, the analysis must be adapted to the application domain. To accelerate this process to the maximum, the Vertical Packs combine a set of pre-prepared semantic resources (models and dictionaries) and sophisticated analytical APIs with add-ins for Excel specially adapted for each scenario.

In this way, barriers are lowered both in the configuration of the system and in the generation and consumption of specific insights.

Initially, two Vertical Packs have been published:

  • Voice of the Customer: To analyze the feedback of customers in surveys, the contact center, or social media and in industries such as banking, insurance, or retail and categorize it according to the type of product, attribute of quality, channel of interaction, or sentiment.
  • Voice of the Employee: To discover the opinions, competences, and concerns that employees express in surveys, performance assessments, or exit interviews, and thus better manage the talent in your organization.