Zappix Announced an Enhanced Visual IVR with Mobile Video and Image Upload Capability for Moishe’s NYC Movers

The new image and video upload capabilities from Zappix allows Moishe’s NYC Movers the ability to offer their customers a better way to interact with them; compared to the old voice menus. They now visually engage customers providing uploading of images and videos during the call. Transforming the Customer Experience (CX) during the booking of a move in a collaborative way with the sales representative using a Visual IVR on their SmartPhone.

Moishe’s is a full service moving, storage, and hospitality business and now the first moving company to fully utilize not only a Visual IVR Mobile On-Demand service, but now also adding the Low Effort Interaction of booking with Video and Image uploads to improve Net Promoter Score, Increase Containment Rates, and sometimes even eliminate the need to speak with a Call Center Agent altogether. This Digital Transformation from Zappix allows customers to use their smartphones to visually share all of the details of their upcoming move and better equip Moishe’s to get an accurate customer quote.

“This new feature of allowing customers a self-service option of uploading images and videos while using their smartphones, saves us a lot of time and allows Moishe’s to continue to offer the best moving service. We couldn’t be more excited to be the first in the market to offer omni-channel customer service communication and a way for customers to book a move with a full video and images of what needs to be moved.” Nassim Fadida, General Manager, Moishe’s NYC Movers.

“The Innovation and Technology of the Zappix Visual IVR paired with the enhanced mobile self-service method of unlimited video and image uploads makes a great solution for all service industries.” said Avner Schneur President and CEO of Zappix. “Allowing smart and technically advanced Mobile On-Demand solutions like the new image/video upload from Zappix saves time, improves quality, and provides a high return on investment (ROI).”