Resilient plc selected by BT Group to bring call recording to its UK Inbound Contact portfolio

Resilient plc announced that it has been selected by BT to provide call recording services to customers of its non-geographic numbering services. The services are available to customers of BT’s UK Inbound Contact portfolio immediately.

Non-geographic numbers are widely adopted across the UK providing a national presence using either a free-phone service (080x) or other chargeable number ranges (03xx, 084x and 087x). The launch of the new service means that BT’s customers can choose to record calls to their Inbound numbers, and have immediate access to these recordings through a secure online portal.

Call recording is already very pervasive within the contact centre market, where calls are recorded for training, quality and dispute-resolution purposes. Removing the need for dedicated, premise based call-recording equipment, and providing this as a service from the BT smartnumbers cloud, delivers many important benefits to customers;

  • Cost avoidance, with customers paying only a small charge per minute for calls to be recorded with minimum additional charges for the long-term secure cloud storage of these recordings.
  • Future proof their operations, so that as an organisations contact-centre infrastructure evolves, there will be no impact on their ability to record and review calls.
  • Security and availability, with BT providing 11 9’s availability SLA for the recordings, which are stored with the highest levels of security in the industry.
  • Business continuity so that if a customer’s normal site goes down calls will continue to be recorded as calls are routed to a back-up, disaster recovery site or to staff working on their mobile phones.

“We are committed to making life simpler and more cost-effective for customers of our Inbound services”, says Malcolm Pilcher, Head of UK Traditional Voice, Business & Public Sector, BT. “By providing call recording embedded within the number itself, our customers can ensure that all calls to these numbers are recorded without the need to purchase and maintain separate call recording equipment. Furthermore, BT Inbound will store these recordings in the cloud, ensuring that they are immediately available for training and quality purposes, for compliance or dispute resolution. With this announcement we expect to deliver both cost reductions and improved business efficiency to our customers.”

“We are delighted to have been selected by BT Inbound to provide critical call recording services to customers of its non-geographic number portfolio”, says Geoffrey Paterson, Chairman & CEO of Resilient plc. “BT Inbound carry a significant share of the UK’s calls to non-geographic numbers, many of which are into the largest UK contact centres. By providing call recording within the number itself, these customers have less exposure to the costs and complexities of recording calls on premises. Call recording is increasingly becoming a compliance issue across many industries, so we are pleased that this solution enables organisations to not only protect their revenue and reputation, but also to meet their compliance obligations.”