NICE Wins TMC Awards for Innovation and Excellence in Unified Communications

NICE announced that TMC, a global integrated media company, has presented NICE with awards in two categories. NICE Robotic Process Automation (RPA) won the 2017 TMC Labs Innovation award, while NICE Quality Central™ received the 2017 Unified Communications Excellence Award.

NICE Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is unique in the marketplace for including Artificial Intelligence in an integrated way. The solution comprises attended automation providing real-time process guidance to the human workforce with advanced capabilities to navigate the complexities of the desktop environment. The proprietary RPA platform and technology distinctively delivers seamless integration of desktop (attended), RPA (unattended), and cognitive automation within a single offering. As a global leader of process optimization solutions, NICE RPA offers a complete process optimization solution for organizations on the journey to digital transformation which is a key goal for companies today.

NICE Quality Central™, a next generation enterprise quality management solution, unifies all omnichannel data from any source into a single application to provide a more holistic view of both the customer and agent journey. As a standalone application, it operates and updates independently from any recording platform providing customers with rapid value. NICE Quality Central™ has the flexibility to automate and customize all quality processes from interaction selection to feedback to deliver greater efficiency. Its dashboards and robust reporting capabilities provide actionable insights that improve agent engagement and customer satisfaction.

Miki Migdal, President of the NICE Enterprise Product Group said “We’re honored that TMC has recognized NICE Robotic Process Automation and NICE Quality Central™ for their innovative, market leading technology as well as our commitment to excellence. These awards are a testament to our continued efforts in finding novel ways to deliver value to our customers. We look forward to continue bringing the next wave of cutting edge cognitive automation and quality management solutions to the market.”

“It gives me great pleasure to present NICE with the TMC Labs Innovation Award for their Robotic Process Automation solution as well as the Unified Communications Excellence Award for their Quality Management offering. These awards represent their team’s dedication to addressing the real needs of the marketplace,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “It’s inspiring to see such commitment to excellence and innovation, and we’re happy to recognize these outstanding achievements with TMC awards.”