Envision Partners with AVST for an enterprise-class coaching solution

Envision, with more than 20 years of innovation and experience in the contact centre workforce optimization market announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST), a global leader in the field of enterprise communications solutions.

AVST will distribute Envision’s Click2Coach Cloud solution in conjunction with its TeamQ, call center application. TeamQ delivers high ROI by giving teams access to vital call center features such as Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), agent desktop control and more, at a fraction of the price of other call center solutions.

Click2Coach Cloud is a complete recording, evaluation, coaching, desktop and speech analytics application that enables contact centers to capture phone, CTI, application workflow, and desktop data. The software helps companies transform customer experiences into long-lasting, profitable relationships by collecting the right data from customer interactions to provide insight into operations and trends. This enables businesses to take action for improvement throughout the organization. Additionally, the ability to deploy this solution in the cloud saves businesses thousands of dollars in startup costs and weeks of installation because it bypasses the need for expensive hardware and product licenses to integrate into legacy phone systems.

“We set out to revolutionize the way contact centers operate and we have done so with Click2Coach Cloud by offering a tool that enables a way to improve customer experience without the major implementation costs of traditional contact center software,” Envision CEO Rodney Kuhn said. “Our partnership with AVST now allows us to deploy Click2Coach Cloud to all AVST TeamQ customers with advanced quality monitoring capabilities including screen capture.”

Key features of Click2Coach now available with AVST’s TeamQ product include:

  • Recording of agent screens during the customer interaction with synchronized voice and screen playback
  • Desktop data tagging giving customers the ability to tag interaction recordings and run trending analytics to identify and optimize customer experience
  • Faster interactions search and dashboard reporting to find interactions quickly when needed to resolve disputes or complaints
  • Advanced quality monitoring tools including eLearning to coach agents on best practices learned through the evaluation and review process


  • Full time recording of inbound and outbound customer interactions

“TeamQ matches the evolving work patterns of today’s knowledge workers. It’s a unique call center application, but not for the traditional call center worker whose job is answering calls 100% of the time,” said Tom Minifie, AVST General Manager. “Over the years, we have seen TeamQ success grow in more unstructured groups of workers such as sales, service, and technical support personnel. By partnering with Envision we are pleased to enhance TeamQ with advanced quality monitoring and coaching capabilities.”

Click2Coach Cloud is a secure, enterprise class workforce optimization solution built on Microsoft Azure. Pricing for contact centers is based on a monthly subscription cost which is significantly lower than the lifetime costs of legacy contact center software.