First Artificial Intelligence-Powered Meeting Assistant Enters Market

iotum, an Inc 5000 company, announced its Artificial Intelligence meeting assistant, Cue™, is available to use in-market for virtual meeting platform, Callbridge™.

Callbridge is the world’s most advanced virtual meeting system and includes core features such as YouTube video streaming for Webinars, deep personalization, and an Artificial Intelligence bot named ‘Cue’.

Callbridge is the first meeting platform to provide an AI meeting assistant on a commercial basis. Cisco and Zoom have announced intention to develop AI for meetings but as of this writing have not released a commercial-grade product.

“We worked with customer feedback for a long time on this,” said Jason Martin, CEO of iotum. “We’re glad to be first in market with AI for live meetings. It’s interesting to see how a smaller firm like ours approached this challenge. I’m sure Cisco and Zoom will have a different take.”

Cue is available exclusively with all versions of Callbridge, iotum’s enterprise-class virtual meeting platform. Cue uses powerful speech-to-text technology and natural language processing to automatically create a smart summary of every Callbridge meeting. Cue extracts keywords, adds hashtags, finds dates mentioned, and creates a meaningful summary and raw transcript. Callbridge makes every detail of your meetings searchable, just like your email inbox. Future releases of Cue will add more features.

“Cue makes meetings meaningful, improves productivity and aids compliance,” said Martin. “Callbridge has all the critical features you’d expect in a meeting platform such as video, screen sharing, chat, document presentation and so on. But Callbridge comes with more than you expect, and it makes it so easy.”

Callbridge is available now at