Parker Software launches new chat product

Live chat specialist, Parker Software, has this week launched a new chat product exclusively for the SME market. Branded WhosOn SmallTalk, the solution provides a free, lightweight chat channel for single users.

Parker Software has operated in the live chat market since 2002, and is already behind enterprise chat product WhosOn. In a move to cater to a broader range of companies, the business has now released its slimline chat alternative, designed to give customers a free, stylish and simple way to chat to their website visitors.

“The way customers communicate with brands is changing,” says Stephen Parker, CEO and founder of Parker Software. “Today’s consumers expect real-time responses to their queries, and they demand low-barrier options that don’t require picking up the phone or sending a formal email.

“Call centres and enterprises have long been taking advantage of live chat software to offer effective digital customer service. But for smaller companies who don’t have the resources to deploy a large-scale chat solution, it can be difficult to meet the demands of online customers. That’s why we decided to create WhosOn SmallTalk – a free chat alternative that gives SMEs the chance to stay competitive.”

Free chat options typically don’t focus on design, and don’t always come from a reputable provider. WhosOn SmallTalk has been designed to address these problems, and allows users to download and deploy an elegant live chat solution in minutes – from a time-tested vendor.

WhosOn SmallTalk now joins Parker Software’s existing product portfolio alongside the call centre chat solution, WhosOn, and business process automation tool ThinkAutomation. The solution is available for single users to download here: