The New AI-Powered Chatbot from Buzzeasy has Launched

AssistMe, the innovative new multichannel chatbot from Buzzeasy is announced. Powered by AI, machine learning, and natural language understanding, AssistMe is an intelligent conversational chatbot that engages naturally with consumers 24/7 to offer instant, personalized responses –and provide the added benefit of swift hand-off to live assisted service when self-service is not enough.

Through a dynamic combination of intelligent self- and assisted-service, AssistMe delivers the highest levels of automation, personalization and customer satisfaction and ensures that the customer never has to wait on hold or online for an advisor to help them.

Automated Omnichannel Interaction

AssistMe can be used across multiple channels, including social pages, webpages, mobile apps, and from Skype to support customers ultra-conveniently. And as customers switch between channels and devices, AssistMe can follow to continue the conversation uninterrupted. And soon AssistMe will be available for SMS, Email, and IoT channels – such as Amazon Echo via Alexa.

Advanced NLU and Machine Learning

Using advanced natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning, AssistMe takes account of content and context to chat with customers intelligently and naturally to guide them through the self-service process to a fast resolution.

Seamless Hand-Off to Live Assistance

AssistMe is unique in that it can transfer customers seamlessly from any channel to live-assisted service as needed, and at the same provide the advisor with all the information they need to enable the conversation to continue uninterrupted. And if live assistance is not immediately available, AssistMe can wait on the customer’s behalf, notifying them as soon as an advisor is free via their preferred messaging platform – from where their conversation can be continued. AssistMe can also send notifications via interactive SMS or mobile app, or it can offer to call the customer back at a time convenient to them. AssistMe’s native integration with Microsoft Teams also means that customer conversations can be transitioned to anyone in the organization to help resolve queries faster and more efficiently.

Interactive Chatbot Content

Offers, vouchers, and suggestions can be proactively inserted into any chatbot conversation, using single or multiple picture cards, so that consumers can simply click on a picture card to select or view more information. And interactions can be made quicker and more intuitive with the insertion of dynamic, clickable buttons at any point in the chat.

Personalized Interactions

AssistMe captures customer information at initial points of contact to personalize every interaction. This means that customers never have to repeat information and the responses they receive are always tailored to them. Chat customers are identified from their Facebook or Skype profile, their web page or mobile app login, or by their SMS or phone number. AssistMe also integrates with CRM, eCommerce and order processing systems and uses the information that these supply to offer even more personalized and effective responses.

Proactive Outbound

Working with Buzzeasy’s ContactMe, AssistMe can make outbound proactive contact with customers and autonomously engage them in 2-way interactions. Whether it’s to anticipate transactional services or to provide further assistance, AssistMe can send proactive notifications to customers via SMS or phone message – with the option to be called back. It can even respond to actionable data provided by customers’ smart devices.

And in the same way as standard inbound interactions, AssistMe Outbound always provides the option for effortless transition to live assisted service when needed.

Connected Knowledge

AssistMe connects seamlessly with corporate knowledge management systems (KMS) to support the chatbot’s conversational information. It also connects with QnA, Microsoft’s own KMS, which distils information from FAQ web pages, product manuals and documents to create a knowledge base in minutes.