Aspect Introduces Afiniti Routing Integration with Unified IP ® For Intelligent Pairing of Contact Centre Callers and Agents

Aspect Software announced the integration of Afiniti’s Enterprise Behavioral Pairing and Aspect® Unified IP® 7.3 Service Pack 5. The integration allows the “plug and play” of Afiniti’s intelligent pairing solution for inbound contact centre callers with agents.

The Afiniti Routing Integration brings together Aspect’s flagship enterprise contact centre offering Unified IP® and Afiniti’s Enterprise Behavioral Pairing solution to improve business outcomes of sales, service, and outreach interactions.

The Afiniti Routing Integration leverages external data sources and customer preferences including purchase history, income, and other demographic information as well as internal data, enabling Aspect’s Unified IP® to find the agent-customer match that optimizes sales outcomes and service resolution.

“By applying intelligence and algorithms to discover, predict, and affect patterns of interpersonal behavior, Afiniti provides a holistic view of individual customers and agents,” said Michel Portenier, EVP, Partnerships, Afiniti. “Pairing people using AI is transforming the profitability of our clients today, and we’re excited to introduce these same benefits to Aspect’s Unified IP® customers.”

Afiniti deployments have experienced revenue upsides of up to 10 percent and cost reductions of up to 20 percent.

“For over 40 years, Aspect has worked with enterprises to create optimal customer experiences as well as to improve their business outcomes,” said Kelly Burke, senior director product management, Aspect. “The Afiniti Routing Integration brings together Aspect’s core contact center expertise to improve the outcome of sales and service interactions before they even begin. We’re delighted that we can offer this capability to both new and existing Unified IP® customers.”

The core Afiniti Routing Integration:

  • Provides outcome-based routing for both inbound and outbound Unified IP® workflow scenarios
  • Includes Afiniti service reporting on interaction outcomes aligned to pre-defined business KPIs
  • Can track and report dialing results in accordance with TCPA regulations and mandates for predictive dialing agent connect time
  • Leverages investment in existing Unified IP® and Advanced List Management customer engagement capabilities
  • Supports outreach strategies that combine campaign list-based dialing with per call optimization

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