Aspect Software Announces Acceleration of Cloud Business, New Logo Growth, and Significant Momentum for Aspect Via™

Aspect Software announced a surge in customer interest in the company’s cloud solutions. In 2017, new logo wins totaled over 100, driven primarily by cloud-based WFO and contact center solutions. Also significant was the number of customer conversions and new logos for Aspect Via™, the company’s cloud-based customer engagement platform.

Aspect Via™ supplies a complete set of customer service capabilities including native interaction management, workforce optimization, modern IVR and digital self-service.

“Since general availability last January, we have seen very strong interest in our complete Customer Engagement Center, Aspect Via™ which has become a catalyst for broader interest in our stand-alone self-service and workforce solutions,” said Jim Freeze, Chief Marketing Officer at Aspect Software. “Market interest in Aspect Via™ continues to grow as prospective customers share our vision of a cloud-based customer engagement center, that delivers native interaction management, workforce optimization and self-service capabilities along a single-sign-on, persona-based user experience.”

The diverse set of companies who moved to Aspect Via™ in 2017 include a multinational Fortune 1000 financial services firm, a fast-growing mobile payments company, a global retail clothing store chain, a global online travel company, a national lender, and many others.

In addition to burgeoning demand for Aspect Via, the company experienced:

Accelerating year-over-year revenue growth in Q4 of over 30%
New Cloud bookings growth of over 30% in Q4
Over 34% growth in minutes of use of the company’s telephony and self-service platform services
Increase in qualified pipeline of Cloud opportunities of nearly 80% over 2016, primarily driven by exponential growth of Aspect Via™ opportunities