Eletropaulo Migrates Customer Service to Avaya Cloud

Eletropaulo, the largest electricity distribution company in terms of consumption and turnover in Latin America, will migrate its customer service platform to the Avaya cloud solution. As part of the company’s digital transformation plan, Eletropaulo has signed a five-year contract with Avaya, taking an important step towards optimizing and automating its customer service operations.

The agreement between the companies includes the deployment of the Avaya Oceana® as a Service in more than 800 locations. The goal is to update Eletropaulo’s platform with applications that modernize and enhance service and help retain customers through intelligent customer service technologies. The migration to a cloud-based solution will take advantage of Eletropaulo’s current infrastructure, including previous investments in Avaya solutions.

According to Danusa Correa, Relationship Channel Manager of Eletropaulo, the electricity distribution company was seeking an omnichannel solution to help transform the customer relationship.

“We were looking for solutions that would provide security and greater accessibility for customers using different channels. It was essential to guarantee the reliability of the information and relationship through which we could demonstrate knowledge of the client’s journey, even in the case of a channel migration,” she explained. “After an evaluation process that lasted several months and having been introduced to several solutions from different companies, we came to the conclusion that Avaya met our digitalization needs.”

According to Marcio Rodrigues, President of Avaya Brazil, the contract with Eletropaulo highlights the importance of investing in cloud solutions to deliver better customer experiences.

“We are talking about a company that serves more than 18 million people. The migration of Eletropaulo to a cloud-based platform and offering technologies for multi-channel customer service, preserving the context of interactions, allows a more assertive and efficient relationship. Furthermore, the project takes advantage of the existing foundation, making clear that everything that Eletropaulo has already invested in Avaya solutions is being evolved to a new level for enhanced customer service experience.”

Through Avaya Oceana, customer service professionals have a complete interface with contextual analysis, which makes it possible to create a more accurate customer image and enable more personalized interactions. The solution also supports the use of Bots featuring integrated Artificial Intelligence technology, automation and analysis for all customer service channels including social media, and maintenance of the customer input and contextual information in the transition from self-service to live agent-assisted customer service.