Hastings Direct adopts the Rant & Rave Platform to drive its customer experience programme

Rant & Rave announces it has been appointed by Hastings Direct, one of the UK’s fastest growing general insurance providers, to enhance its customer experience programme and generate real-time actionable customer feedback.

Hastings Direct, which provides car, bike, van and home insurance to over 2.6million people in the UK, will implement the Rant & Rave Platform, enabling the brand to consistently capture customer sentiment across the entire customer journey (via SMS, email and listening posts). The Rant & Rave Platform provides full visibility of customer emotion to all levels of the business; from contact centre colleagues and team leaders accessing data via their personalised dashboards, through to the Executive team receiving feedback in real-time, not only allowing them to take action and improve their CX, but also to celebrate their heroes on the frontline.

Paul Whymark, Retail Operations Transformation Director, Hastings Direct, says, “We ran a comprehensive review process to find a partner who shared our passion for delivering an outstanding customer experience, and Rant & Rave ticked all the boxes. Its technology will confirm what we are doing well, identify what we could be doing better, and most importantly, it’s all in real-time, so we can take immediate action to improve our products and processes.

We will have clear visibility of sentiment across all touchpoints within the customer lifecycle, from initial purchase and on boarding, through the service and claims processes, to policy renewal. This will be cross contact channel, allowing us to optimise our customers’ digital and web chat experience, as well as improving our contact centre interactions.

We’re especially excited about the frontline engagement capabilities that this partnership will bring. Continuous personal development is something we are committed to at Hastings Direct and colleagues having real-time access to their own customer feedback will empower them to adapt their behaviour, improving the overall customer experience, as well as enabling Team Leaders to provide ‘in the moment’ coaching.”

Kenny Bain, CEO of Rant & Rave, says, “We are pleased to be working with a customer-centric organisation like Hastings Direct, helping it to use customer experience to drive the business forward, to achieve its goals of improved customer retention and expansion.

“Our partnership will facilitate Hastings Direct to move into a real-time feedback environment, connecting employees throughout the organisation with the emotion and voice of their customer, supporting improvements to the service they provide.”

The Rant & Rave Platform allows brands to capture feedback in real-time through whichever channel suits their audience best and then interpret this information via a Sentiment Engine to accurately understand every word. Once the feedback has been captured and analysed, it’s presented back on a customisable dashboard, so brands can respond to customers and rescue any Ranters in the moment.