Manx Gas, Guernsey Gas and Jersey Gas partner with Rant & Rave to capture real-time feedback

Rant & Rave announces it has been appointed by Manx Gas, Guernsey Gas and Jersey Gas, to enhance their customer experience programmes and enable them to maximise the quantity and quality of feedback from their 40,000 customers. As a result of the partnership, the gas companies become the first organisations to implement a Voice of the Customer programme across Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

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Manx Gas, Guernsey Gas and Jersey Gas have introduced the Rant & Rave Platform to capture real-time customer emotion using SMS, providing them with actionable insight to drive the businesses forward. This ‘in the moment’ feedback will enable the companies to bring the Voice of the Customer to all levels of their organisations, with customers being given the opportunity to share what matters most to them, in their own words. The platform will not simply make actionable insight accessible to staff and managers across all three companies, but alert them to trends, themes, opportunities and threats within the feedback, giving the organisations the ability to amplify positive comments, recover unhappy customers and make business improvements.

Ian Plenderleith, Group Managing Director, says, “Developing a customer-centric culture and improving customer experience is crucial to Manx Gas, Guernsey Gas and Jersey Gas.

If we are to grow and be the best that we can be, it’s vital that we hear directly from our customers around what we’re doing well and what we could improve on. Until now, all customer insight has been obtained through complaint procedures and time-consuming telephone surveys, both of which have provided limited insights.

“Rant & Rave is the ideal partner of choice for us. Their platform will provide us with a greater understanding of what matters to our customers throughout their journey with us, all in real-time, enabling us to take action, solve issues rapidly and help to shape our business strategy going forward.”

Kenny Bain, CEO of Rant & Rave, says, “We are delighted to be working with Manx Gas, Guernsey Gas and Jersey Gas, enabling them to put the customer at the heart of everything they do. In such a competitive market, customer experience is a vital differentiator for utility companies, with research from Energy UK, the trade association for the country’s energy industry, showing that last year 5.5 million energy customers switched suppliers. Using our solution, all three companies can better listen to their customers to understand the experience they’re providing and react in real-time.

In addition, staff and managers at all three companies have welcomed Rant & Rave’s Frontline Engagement technology to provide them with feedback directly from the customers they’ve interacted with. This solution provides the customer-facing teams with the opportunity to celebrate good customer service, as well as alter behaviour to improve the experience they’re providing, in the moment.”