ContactEngine Announces Strategic Partnership with Appian to Extend Appian Intelligent Contact Center

ContactEngine, the AI-powered customer conversation platform, announced a strategic technology partnership with Appian, a leading low-code and business process management platform provider, to further enhance the Appian Intelligent Contact Center™ Platform (ICC). The partnership with ContactEngine marks ICC’s first evolution in development.

ContactEngine, whose clients include organisations such as Verizon, Whirlpool, Virgin Media and Sky, will complement ICC’s existing inbound functionality with its outbound customer conversation capabilities.

The Appian Intelligent Contact Center™ Platform is designed to meet the needs of modern contact center teams. The new platform inherits Appian’s omni-channel customer engagement, case management, and intelligent automation solutions in a low-code platform alongside native and integrated AI capabilities. ContactEngine will enhance the Appian platform by providing and managing outbound conversation capabilities within ICC. ContactEngine initiates conversations pro-actively through its omni-channel and AI-powered platform.

Giles Bryan, CEO of ContactEngine Inc., said: “Our mission is to make conversations with customers meaningful and effortless. We are delighted to partner with Appian. It’s a great opportunity to bring outbound conversation to the Appian Intelligent Contact Center™ Platform, enhancing their customers’ digital journey. Uniting Appian’s automation and case management capabilities with ContactEngine means more effective engagement with customers at the right time, over the right channel with the right conversations.”

Michael Beckley, CTO of Appian Corporation, said: “The partnership with ContactEngine extends the capability of our new Intelligent Contact Center, enabling our clients to proactively engage their customers. ContactEngine extends our digital overlay to the customer, and through seamless integration, brings machine learning and natural language understanding to deliver 90% contact rates and intent driven conversations.’’