Jacada Selected by Puget Sound Energy to Provide Intelligent Customer Self-Service Solutions

Jacada announced that it has signed a deal to provide autonomous customer service software solutions for Puget Sound Energy (PSE), Washington state’s oldest local energy company, providing electric and natural gas service to homes and businesses primarily in the Puget Sound area.

Jacada will be working with PSE to design and deploy the autonomous customer service set of solutions. PSE’s service area is home to some of America’s most recognized and respected businesses such as Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, Microsoft, Amazon.com, Weyerhaeuser, Starbucks, Costco, and Nordstrom.

Supporting the company’s steadfast commitment to serving its communities, PSE will enhance its customer service experience by deploying within its contact centers:

  • Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – A menu driven, web-based customer support experience for mobile customer interactions. The technology seamlessly connects customers and prospects to self-service options and/or support resources and menu-based flows that service their needs at the time customer assistance is needed.
  • Intelligent Customer Assistants – Virtual customer assistants on the web portal that will autonomously engage customers to deliver self-service options that reduce customer effort, and through its integrations to backend system robotics automation will also fulfill customers’ transactional needs.

“Jacada is an important part of our overall vision to make it easier for customers to self-serve through their preferred channels,” said Josh Jacobs, Director of Business Integration at Puget Sound Energy, “As PSE continues to invest and find ways to improve our customer experience, working with Jacada to update our automated voice system allows us to offer a customized and innovative option.”

“Jacada’s long history in customer service and automation technology supports our understanding of what it takes to create the best autonomous customer experience products for our customers,” says Oren Shefler, Jacada VP of Sales, Americas. “Our industry leading Visual IVR for mobile interactions, paired with our Intelligent Customer Assistants will drive PSE customer service operations to become more autonomous and even more customer friendly. We are proud to be a part of their high standard of customer service.”