Three Orange Affiliates Earn Certification to the COPC Customer Experience Standard

COPC Inc. announces that Orange, a provider of convergent fixed and mobile telecom products, has met the qualifications for its Spain, Romania and Madagascar sites to be certified to the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, Customer Service Provider (CSP) version.

The COPC CX Standard is the most prestigious and widely used performance management system for call centres, CX operations and vendor management organizations. Certification to the COPC CX Standard demonstrates an organization’s commitment to excellence and validates their achievement of high performance for quality, efficiency, service, and customer satisfaction.

These three call centers join a growing list of Orange affiliates that have been certified including Poland, Tunisia, Moldova and Senegal, with many others working towards certification. The COPC CX Standard has been used in a variety of Orange’s CX operations including customer service, technical support, retention, billing and retail in both business-to-business and consumer operations.

“Orange began its journey toward certification to the COPC CX Standard in 2013 with an initial assessment of its Polish operations and the training of a group of internal auditors who are responsible for rolling out COPC approaches. Since then, it has been a pleasure to watch the COPC CX Standard take root and flourish across the group. We congratulate all the affiliates for their outstanding efforts,” said Iain Ironside, COPC Inc. vice president.

Since 1996, more than 500 companies worldwide have certified their call center and CX operations to the COPC CX Standard. Certification provides external validation of high performance, demonstrates to customers a company’s commitment to providing a superior experience, and ensures that all internal operations and third-party suppliers are producing consistently high levels of service. Companies that get certified to the COPC CX Standard not only receive prestigious recognition but are rewarded with higher customer satisfaction, lower-cost operations and improved revenue performance.

Certification to the COPC CX Standard begins with an assessment of the company’s operation covering four key areas: leadership and planning, processes, people, and performance. Next, the COPC Inc. team develops a structured plan with a list of actionable recommendations that are prioritized for activities that deliver the greatest return on investment for the company. This often includes COPC Inc. providing training and support to implement operational change to close gaps and improve key metrics. A final step for a company to be awarded COPC Inc. certification is an audit that validates improvements are scalable, sustainable and consistently implemented.

“A more customer-centric contact center means customers are served more quickly, accurately and efficiently. Thanks to these three new countries, 10 Orange Group subsidiaries now have at least one COPC-certified site and are all seeing significant increases in customer satisfaction,” said Pierre Grauby, director of customer relations for Orange, in charge of the COPC Orange program.

All certification efforts are based on the COPC CX Standard, which can be applied to any type of CX operation in any industry. The COPC CX Standard is available in three versions—the CSP version for internal operations, the OSP version for outsourced service providers, and the VMO version for internal organizations managing third-party service providers. All versions of the COPC CX Standard are available for download free of charge.