Helpshift Launches ‘Build Your Own Bot’ Experience: No Developers Needed

Helpshift, a company revolutionizing the customer service industry through its AI-powered conversational messaging platform, has announced the launch of Build Your Own Bot (BYOB).

Now, enterprises can use natively built artificial intelligence and customizable chatbots to optimize support operations at scale while making customer service interactions more personalized — with no developers needed.

Providing Messaging-Based Support

Helpshift uses AI and bots to automate the right parts of the customer service experience, making it possible for brands to deliver conversational messaging-based support to their customers at scale. The Helpshift platform offers support capabilities such as:

  • Customizable Bots — Helpshift’s bots allow brands to automate the simple customer service interactions that human agents shouldn’t be wasting their time on, freeing them up for higher-level tasks. Routine, time-consuming inquiries can now be automated or easily handed off to humans when necessary.
  • Answer Bot — Helpshift’s Answer Bot suggests relevant knowledge articles so that brands can help their customers help themselves instantly and effectively.
  • AI-powered Issue Classification + Routing — Helpshift’s turnkey AI can automatically classify issues and route them accordingly — reducing the costly overhead associated with call center operations — and bring order to complex ticketing workflows.
  • Threaded Messaging Experience — Helpshift’s conversational messaging UI allows for brands to replicate the same conversational style that consumers use to converse with one another.
  • Open Platform — Helpshift’s comprehensive case management platform provides agents with the workspace they need for B2C scale. Agents can also integrate Helpshift’s AI and bot-powered messaging with Salesforce Service Cloud, the world’s #1 intelligent customer service platform.

“Industry-leading brands today want a scalable and secure support solution that can be increasingly automated but still deliver exceptional, personalized experiences to their customers,” said Helpshift CEO Linda Crawford. “Helpshift SensAI, our platform-wide AI and bot capabilities, has been thoughtfully developed for carefully tailored use cases that require no external developers or consultants. We are excited to show people how our technology has already streamlined service operations for our enterprise customer base.”

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About Helpshift

Helpshift bridges the disconnect between conventional customer service channels — like email and phone support — and a growing consumer base that does more on mobile phones and has a strong preference for messaging as their primary mode of communication. Through Helpshift’s AI-powered support platform, companies can resolve issues more efficiently, boosting customer satisfaction in the process. Companies such as Xfinity Home, Microsoft, Supercell, Vivino, and Zynga and hundreds of other leading brands use the Helpshift platform to provide messaging-first customer support. Helpshift is installed on two billion devices worldwide and serves more than 130 million active consumers monthly. To learn more about Helpshift, visit