Using AI-powered Virtual Agents to Optimize the Customer Experience of Your Contact Centre

Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual agents present significant potential to improve the customer experience (CX) in the contact centre while reducing costs. Many companies are facing business challenges such as high customer expectations, limited automation options, difficulty in implementing and deploying new contact centre technologies, and agent attrition.

Fortunately, the opportunity for business leaders to address such challenges through cloud-based, AI-powered engagement is considerable.

Frost & Sullivan’s new white paper, The AI-Powered Virtual Agent: Practical Realities & Actionable Strategies for Contact Center Leaders, highlights the practical applications of new cloud-based virtual agents and proposes a strategic approach to “level-up” contact centre capabilities by seamlessly integrating those solutions with your existing infrastructure. It also includes different use cases across many industries such as healthcare, fashion and e-commerce.

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“Companies should seek out practical AI solutions and then consider a number of action items: First, look to understand how AI agents mix with live agents to make things more efficient; second, put omnichannel CX at the centre of your strategy. And third, determine which engagements are suitable for AI automation,” observed Stephen Loynd, Digital Experience Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “This is the way to approach business-focused AI in a low-risk, high-value manner.”

By using conversational AI to automate the drudgery of data gathering or repetitive conversations, agents are empowered with more fulfilling work, allowing them to tackle challenging problems that can help them evolve into high-value employees.

“Contact centres generally have an over-reliance on live agents since natural language automation is beyond the capabilities of most IVRs,” noted Tom Lewis, CEO at SmartAction who has 30 years of contact center experience. “Cloud-based virtual agents make it easy to automate the repetitive conversations currently handled by live agents, while seamlessly integrating with the interactive voice response (IVR) and contact centre platform.”

AI solutions are now demonstrating their true power in a variety of interesting and beneficial ways:

  • Enabling a voice interface for intelligent routing: Using data from the customer record, as well as from recent or repeated activity,
  • AI can ask more intuitive questions about why a customer is calling;
  • Short- and long-term memory: AI solutions access vast amounts of data, whether it is data from a current conversation or a past one;
  • Predictive prompts: During these high-volume times, AI solutions can detect the uptick and its underlying reason and dynamically predict why customers are reaching out; and
  • Extensive personalization: With access to customer records, AI offers the ability to personalize every aspect of an automated conversation.

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