Aivo Launches Integration with Zapier to Help Businesses Improve Workflow Efficiency and Automate Repetitive Processes

Today, out of 2000 work activities (across 800 professions), 45% could be automated. It is estimated that 60% of occupations could save up to 30% of their time with automation, and use that time instead to focus only on situations that require their expertise and intelligence.

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Aivo, technology company specialized in helping enterprises boost their customer service and sales growth through AI solutions, is aware of this opportunity. The company is launching a new integration powered by Zapier that will help businesses migrate data, make workflows more efficient, and drive higher-performing customer service support and sales and marketing campaigns.

Starting today, AgentBot, Aivo’s automatic customer service solution which uses artificial intelligence to understand and solve customers’ needs in real time, will be able to connect to over 1000 applications, including popular apps such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, Slack, Typeform, Gmail, Google Sheets and Zoom, among others. No developer effort will be required for any of these integrations, thereby eliminating tedious and time-consuming tasks to facilitate flow of information.

AgentBot users will now be able to use all the apps available on Zapier to create their own integration points using actions and triggers. In this way, companies can design any number of cross-app actions to fit the specific needs of their business. These automatic workflows within the chatbot will allow businesses to keep in touch with their prospects, send email blasts, optimize lead generation and nurturing, auto-schedule meetings and notify guests, and automatically finish other routine tasks.

Speaking about the integration, Aivo’s CEO, Martin Frascaroli, commented: “Oftentimes, creating integrations between apps can be an expensive, developer effort-intensive and time-consuming processes. As an AI vendor we believe in helping companies be smarter and not making professionals spend their precious time in manual and repetitive tasks. This integration is an exciting milestone for Aivo and brings us closer to fulfilling our mission of offering businesses of all sizes and verticals the opportunity to improve their customer service and maximize sales in a simple way. Our customers will now be able to easily connect their AI chatbots to report and management tools, social networks, ads and analytics platforms, databases, calendars and so much more.”

About Aivo

Focused on giving people back their time, Aivo solves companies’ main challenges in customer service and sales growth with easy to use omni-channel solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence. The firm operates globally in 22 countries, with 7 offices in North America, South America and Europe.