NICE Workforce Management AI Based Strategic Planner Receives CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award

NICE announced that its Enhanced Strategic Planner (ESP) solution has been presented with a 2019 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award by the global, integrated media company TMC. ESP is NICE’s cutting-edge offering for intelligent, accurate long-term workforce planning that helps contact centres develop better staffing strategies, manage outlays and improve customer service.

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The 2019 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award recognizes the unique capabilities of NICE ESP that enable its corporate users to meet or exceed the expectations of their customers. The award is presented to vendors that are “advancing the call centre, CRM and teleservices industries one solution at a time.”

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), NICE ESP is 6-10% more accurate on average than traditional means of long-term forecasting. This is due to its customized capacity planning recommendations based on a range of variables, such as staff and channel needs, as well as specific business parameters and historical data. In addition, ESP empowers contact centre managers to model scenarios predicting how anticipated or potential staffing changes might impact the ability to meet performance goals.

NICE ESP is cloud-based and an integral part of NICE’s Workforce Management (WFM) solution, ensuring continuous feature delivery, maximum stability and infrastructure cost savings. Fully integrated with the workforce management solution’s capabilities, ESP’s comprehensive planning insights can be seamlessly and swiftly translated into actions in the contact centre.

“NICE Enhanced Strategic Planner (ESP) reflects our continued commitment to innovate and introduce new paradigms in Workforce Management,” Barry Cooper, President of the Enterprise Group, NICE said. “By leveraging AI, contact centres can make planning decisions faster and more precisely. This solution also allows quick adaptation to business changes and drives long-term success. We are very pleased that NICE ESP has been honoured with the 2019 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award.”

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, said, “On behalf of both TMC and CUSTOMER magazine, it is my pleasure to honor NICE with a 2019 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award. Its Enhanced Strategic Planner solution has proven deserving of this elite status and I look forward to continued innovation from NICE in 2019 and beyond.”

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