Kustomer Unveils KIQ Customer Assist: A Next-Gen AI Customer Service Bot Driving Business Efficiency by 45%

Kustomer, an industry-leading AI-powered customer service CRM, is announcing a groundbreaking innovation in artificial intelligence.

Introducing KIQ Customer Assist featuring AI Responses – an enhanced chatbot powered by multiple engines, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT, poised to deliver up to a remarkable 45% increase in automation efficiency for businesses.

KIQ Customer Assist advances Kustomer’s powerful, industry-leading chatbot by leveraging cutting-edge AI language models to seamlessly resolve customer issues with secure, precise, and natural-language responses sourced from a customer’s support content. In addition, it allows businesses to engage with customers across multiple channels, unlock personalized CRM data, elevate customer experiences by integrating conversation data from previously resolved interactions, seamlessly integrate external data sources, reduce costs with end-to-end automations, and elevate customer satisfaction.

“We’re thrilled to once again push the boundaries of innovation with our new AI features,” stated Brad Birnbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of Kustomer. “This advancement reinforces our dedication to empowering businesses in delivering effortless, exceptional customer experiences. We firmly believe that this revolutionary AI technology will transform how companies connect with their customers, fostering deeper, more personalized interactions.”

“On day one, KIQ Customer Assist handled 10% of chat conversations without any agent interaction and that number has been steadily increasing. We’re thrilled by the immediate success we’re experiencing, and we’ve only just scratched the surface.” – TJ Stein, Head of CX at Everlane

In a rapidly evolving AI-driven landscape, Kustomer is committed to innovation. This announcement marks the first step in a series of upcoming product advancements, reaffirming Kustomer’s dedication to shaping the future of customer experiences.

Learn more about KIQ Customer Assist at https://www.kustomer.com/.

About Kustomer

Kustomer is the industry-leading conversational CRM platform helping businesses perfect every customer experience. Built with intelligent tools such as AI and Automation, no-code configuration, and a connected data platform that unifies data from multiple sources through a single timeline, Kustomer empowers businesses to operate with greater efficiency and deliver more personalized service to customers across any channel.

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