Talkdesk announces a deepening partnership with Verint

Talkdesk®, a global AI-powered contact centre leader for enterprises of all sizes, announced an expanded partnership with Verint® to provide automated workforce management (WFM) to contact centres with a new Verint Workforce Management™ for Talkdesk offering.

Now available to Talkdesk customers through Talkdesk CX Cloud™, the best-of-breed WFM is powered by the Verint Open Platform, uniquely designed with data and artificial intelligence (AI) at its core to increase customer experience (CX) automation. It takes advantage of the latest AI innovation in the industry, leveraging commercial AI models available today, and can quickly embrace any new models that become available over time. The openness of the platform integrates easily with enterprise ecosystems and enables the Talkdesk offering with best-of-breed functionality like enterprise-grade scale and flexible scheduling for contact centre agents.

The benefits of automated WFM

Verint WFM for Talkdesk automates the sharing of interaction and administrative data so large contact centre organizations can drive operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve agent experiences. The offering delivers:

  • Powerful automation that allows administrators and supervisors to manage complex workforces with bulk management features, what-if scenarios, and automated agent request responses.
  • New or updated agent information and team hierarchy changes that are immediately synchronized.
  • Queue-level voice and digital interaction data sent at the end of each forecasting interval for intraday management and future forecasting.
  • Agent status changes updated in real-time for adherence and monitoring, while daily agent performance data simplifies scorecarding.

These advanced capabilities and deep integration make it possible for large contact centre organizations to have the right agents doing the right work at the right time. Talkdesk customers will benefit from the deepening alignment across go-to-market teams, with plans for customer support by Talkdesk teams for Verint WFM. This motion builds on the already innovative Talkdesk AppConnectTM direct purchasing flow, streamlining procurement processes for Talkdesk customers.

Wiliam Welch, president and chief operating officer at Talkdesk, said: “Contact centre organizations face an ongoing labour shortage, and agent retention and performance are top of mind for many leaders. These factors can be harder to manage as contact centres grow in size and complexity. Talkdesk is deepening its partnership with Verint to ensure contact centres across every segment have advanced, automated capabilities to drive operational efficiencies, improve agent experiences, and workforce effectiveness.”

Verint’s John Bourne, senior vice president of global channels and alliances, said: “Building on a long-standing partnership and shared values with Talkdesk, Verint is committed to delivering our open platform capabilities within Talkdesk CX Cloud. Contact centres globally can now improve workforce efficiency and effectiveness, powered by Verint’s open platform, data, and AI to elevate customer experience and agent experience while reducing operational costs.”

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