Cognigy Unveils Advanced AI Agents for Sales and Marketing interactions

Cognigy, a global leader in AI-powered customer service solutions, announced the launch of its AI Agents for Sales and Marketing interactions.

This cutting-edge technology is designed for enterprises that want to engage customers with hyper-personalized service and turn interactions into transactions, fuelling revenue growth with an exceptional customer experience (CX) that scales.

Cognigy will debut this innovation at Customer Contact Week (CCW) Las Vegas from June 3-6 at Caesars Forum.

Cognigy’s AI Agents are engineered to revolutionize customer engagement through proactive personalization and intelligent interaction that not only anticipate customer needs but also drive significant sales growth. To excel at their job, Cognigy’s AI Agents leverage insights from customer profiles and context to proactively identify needs and customer conversations that align with individual journeys and preferences. With capabilities that include proactive outbound calling, these AI Agents can initiate contact, ensuring that potential opportunities are never missed and customer engagement is maximized.

As part of a Sales and Marketing workforce, Cognigy AI Agents can automate:

  • Renewals and Upselling: Automatically contact customers before their contracts expire, handling both renewals and opportunities for additional services.
  • Sales Activation: AI Agents follow up on leads from unfinished applications or check-outs, helping to reconnect potential customers and convert them to active customers.
  • Outbound Scheduling: Initiate calls to customers to schedule appointments or services, streamlining the process with full automation to enhance convenience.

Early use cases demonstrate the versatility and impact of Cognigy’s AI Agents across different sectors including retail, telecommunications and travel. The AI technology supports the entire customer journey, providing continuous assistance from initial contact through after-sales support, enhancing every interaction with Generative and Conversational AI capabilities. Additionally, AI Agents work alongside humans in the contact centre and can transfer calls or chats at any point of a conversation.

“Cognigy is empowering enterprises with AI Agents that augment their workforce to deliver truly differentiating self-service resulting in automated workflows and human-like interactions,” said Sebastian Glock, Director of Product Marketing at Cognigy. “Multiple customers have deployed our Sales and Marketing AI Agents and are experiencing revenue growth from renewals and upselling, re-engagement and proactive scheduling. These early use cases demonstrate the power and potential of AI Agents.”

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About Cognigy

Cognigy is revolutionizing the customer service industry by providing the most cutting-edge AI workforce on the market. Its award-winning solution empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer service that is instant, personalized, in any language, and on any channel. Through the perfect combination of Generative and Conversational AI, Cognigy’s AI Agents are shaping the future of customer service, increasing customer satisfaction, and supporting employees in real-time. Over 1000 brands worldwide trust Cognigy and its vast partner network to create AI customer service agents for their business. Cognigy’s worldwide customer portfolio includes Bosch, Frontier Airlines, Lufthansa Group, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota.