Vivonet Deploys Genesys Cloud Solution for Customer Engagement

Vivonet, the industry leader in cloud-based hospitality solutions, has deployed PureCloud by Genesys™, a cloud-based customer engagement and employee collaboration offering from Genesys®, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions.

Vivonet currently uses PureCloud by Genesys to support approximately 30 Vancouver-based agents and contact center managers, who handle hundreds of technical support interactions per month. Vivonet will roll out the solution to an additional 28 agents in a contact center in Columbus, Ohio, later this year.

PureCloud by Genesys is a unified, all-in-one customer engagement and employee collaboration solution that is easy to use and quick to deploy. A true cloud offering, PureCloud by Genesys is flexible, open, feature-rich, and built for rapid innovation.

Before selecting a solution, Vivonet tested PureCloud by Genesys against competitor Five9 across nearly 300 touchpoints. Vivonet ultimately selected the Genesys solution for its intuitive interface, all-in-one feature set, and AWS-based architecture, which makes it reliable and easy to deploy and manage. “There is no other customer experience solution that compares to the simplified, sleek omnichannel routing of PureCloud by Genesys,” said Shafique Adiatia, Vivonet system administrator.

Vivonet cites a high record of uptime as one of the most significant benefits of PureCloud by Genesys. By ensuring effective, uninterrupted service, the solution has caused customer satisfaction ratings to increase and escalations to decrease since Vivonet transferred from its previous cloud solution. “Our former solution’s unreliability was costing us money because customers receive credits when service is interrupted,” said Adatia. “We’ve reduced refunds since the transition. Now I can sleep at night knowing I don’t need to worry about our contact center going down, and our customers can reach us when they need to.”

Vivonet also values the solution’s ease of use, which made deployment and training lightning-quick for faster return on investment (ROI). “PureCloud by Genesys is so intuitive that our non-technical interns were able to build a fully-functioning contact center in mere days, using only the comprehensive resource documentation,” said Adatia. “From start to finish, full system deployment took less than a month — from the initial contact center build-out, to the development of advanced call logic, to full agent adoption.”

Vivonet values the omnichannel functionality of PureCloud by Genesys, as their previous system didn’t allow them to engage with customers using the method of their choice. Today, Vivonet uses features such as voice with WebRTC, advanced call routing and email routing, and speech-enabled and interactive voice response (IVR), in addition to leveraging the reporting dashboards, data analytics and quality monitoring capability.

“With PureCloud by Genesys, we make better decisions for how and when we staff our technical support environment,” said Adatia. “And, we use the listen functionality, dual phone recording, and customer journey metrics to understand every step of the customer experience—from when they first dial our number, to the option they selected to get to an agent, to the entire path they took until the call ends.”

PureCloud by Genesys is exceeding the company’s expectations and according to Adatia the company plans to roll out more of the solution’s capabilities by the end of the year, starting with co-browsing, web chat, and workforce management.

“We’re honored that Vivonet has selected PureCloud by Genesys and confident that our technology will help them deliver great customer experiences by providing a reliable, intuitive and powerful solution to improve functionality, processes and engagement,” said Tom Eggemeier, president of Genesys.