Webhelp Delivers Improved Customer Experience with Development of Bespoke Performance Compass

Leading global customer experience and business process outsourcing company, Webhelp, has developed a new tool that allows it to monitor and manage the performance of its advisors in a consistent way across the business and ensure they are receiving the right coaching and development.

Webhelp’s Performance Compass, which has taken a team of 13 people 18 months to develop, combines operational performance and coaching session measures to clearly show the impact coaching is having on an advisor. This allows adjustments and improvements to be made on an ongoing basis and the delivery of coaching that is specific to each individual advisor’s needs.

David Turner, CEO of Webhelp UK, said: “We needed to create a tool to allow us to manage the performance of our advisors in a consistent way across all our sites. Previously, in campaigns where performance data was available, this data would be processed and presented locally using home-grown templates, so it was impossible to verify and compare the reports. Not only was this process inconsistent but it required a local resource in each campaign, or on each site, to produce reports on a weekly basis. Clearly this placed a huge burden on our resources. The development of our Performance Compass addresses these concerns with respect to consistency, accuracy and efficiency, on many levels.”

The ability to deliver coaching that can ensure a consistent level of service across advisors, campaigns and sites is something that Webhelp is proud to be able to offer its clients.

Turner continued: “We now have the ability to create a working prototype Performance Compass, from a Visual Order Form, in minutes. This demonstrates our capability to prospective and existing clients alike. We now have more than 50 instances of the product operating in the UK and South Africa and we have more visibility over performance data and coaching data than we have ever had. This ensures we can offer our clients and increasingly high quality level of service from whichever site we operate from.”

This ability to monitor and manage performance in a faster and more consistent way is what Webhelp believes is the way forward for delivering the highest levels of customer experience in a cost effective way.