Cyara Unveils World-First Mobile App for Anytime, Anywhere CX Monitoring and Reporting

PRESS RELEASE: Cyara, the market-leading provider of an omnichannel CX agility platform announced the new Cyara Mobile App, which allows you to monitor your customer experience and triage production-impacting incidents anytime, anywhere.

Cyara Mobile AppCyara Mobile App gives up-to-the-minute status reports on your customer experience, enabling you to make operational decisions and drill down to the source of an issue while on the go. The mobile-optimized Executive Dashboard display can be customized for each unique user, so business and technical stakeholders can filter the display for the CX metrics that are most relevant to them, and configure push notification alerts accordingly.

Built on the most easy to use and intuitive CX testing and monitoring product on the market — the Cyara Platform — the Cyara Mobile App also provides the ability to look at CX failures and delays in detail and even listen to calls so you can hear what went wrong.

A ticker feature built into the App improves team communication and drives faster incident response and resolution by showing relevant messages to stakeholders across the business.

Cyara Mobile App is the newest addition to the Cyara Platform product portfolio, and can be configured to monitor other vendors’ systems through REST API calls.

“This is a real game-changer for organizations looking to accelerate innovation and deliver trusted CX because it allows them to identify issues immediately so they can get to work on resolving them,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO Cyara.

“In the CX space, velocity is key and the more time a customer spends being frustrated by poor audio quality or an unresponsive web chat client, the more likely they are to take their business somewhere else. And the longer you as an organization don’t know that there are CX issues, the bigger the impact on your customer experience,” he said. “Having centralized and visualized information about those issues in a highly customizable, responsive mobile format is what makes the Cyara Mobile App a very powerful tool for monitoring, communication and teamwork.”