Account Technologies Achieves Impressive Growth Supported by Noble Systems’ Enterprise Cloud Solution

Noble Systems, a global leader in omnichannel contact centre technology solutions, is pleased to announce that Account Technologies, a rapidly growing UK Financial Technology business, has seen impressive growth of their contact centre with the Noble® Enterprise Cloud platform.

With the Noble Enterprise Cloud Platform, Account Technologies were able to unify their solution to ensure streamlining of the management reporting and to offer a simplified improved desktop for their agents to help improve productivity and the agent experience. Since the installation, their contact centre managers have seen a real increase in efficiency, being able to rapidly set up new campaigns within an hour. In addition, managers can quickly view contact centre data using Noble’s Harmony and Reports tools, including the ability to export performance and results data, enabling them to easily manipulate and analyse valuable Management Information.

“The management team at Account Technologies are really pleased with the Noble Cloud Solution” said Natasha Widdess, Director Operations Support, “In particular, we are impressed with the speed and flexibility of the solution and with Noble Composer – we feel like anything is possible”.

One of Account Technologies’ favourite features is Noble’s Web Interfacing Service, which improves speed to lead by allowing the company to immediately contact potential customers after partial completion of online loan application forms. When an application has been initiated, the system inserts the new lead into the contact queue, and pushes the completed form information to the Composer Agent desktop, so that all associated information is available to the agent during the call. This service allows the advisors to better understand the customer motivation behind the loan request, building important relationships at the beginning of their customer journey.

Another goal which prompted Account Technologies’ customer contact platform upgrade was the desire to expand their outbound collections facility. Since installing the Noble Solution, they have seen their outbound dial statistics increase by over 400%.

“Since installing the Noble Cloud solution, we’ve seen dramatic growth in our collections division and our outbound dial statistics have more than quadrupled”, said Natasha Widdess, Director Operations Support, “The detailed reports mean that we can closely keep track of our agents and ensure that ongoing growth continues”.

Account Technologies also use Noble to improve the management of incoming calls. With Noble’s IVR and skills-based routing, they can route customer and prospect calls to the right teams and ensure that vulnerable customers are directed to more experienced staff. It also means that more calls are answered. In 2015, the customer service agents had a 73% answer rate, however, today, with the help of the Noble Solution, they have almost trebled the volumes of inbound calls and have an answer rate of over 95%. During implementation, Account Technologies was looking for a fast turnaround to realise its return on investment. The group were delighted that the whole system was installed – from signed Functional Design Specification to go-live – in just three weeks.

Colin Chave, General Manager of Noble Systems EMEA said “We are delighted that Account Technologies has chosen Noble Systems to provide our Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre Solution. They are an excellent example of a customer that has seen both rapid and impressive growth since installation – improving their Management Information, customer journey and the agent experience, all at the same time”.