TeleWare upgrades cloud based call management tool

TeleWare announces a host of enhancements to its cloud-based TeleWare Communication Manager (TCM) solution. TCM is used by businesses, including many leading NHS practices, to manage their communications activity. The solution provides organisations with routing and managements tools for all inbound and outbound calls.

It is an ideal solution for businesses already using the cloud. As well as for those with onsite infrastructure that want to begin moving some call management operations to the cloud.

Enhancements have been made based on customer feedback and ongoing technical investment at TeleWare. The user experience (UX) has been heavily invested in. A streamlined login process means customers now only need one single login to access all communications activity.

Simultaneously managing inbound and outbound call activity can be a challenge. TeleWare has simplified this by adding in a series of features to TeleWare Communication Manager which allow teams to be managed more efficiently. Specific enhancements include:

Greater supervisor control of agents
o A supervisor can choose to manage the status of their agents, switching them between ‘ready’ and ‘not ready’ and track performance

o Supervisors can use TCM for training and monitoring purposes. Listening in on calls and providing support to agents through call whisper

Improved ease of use for agents
o An improved Call Assistant page provides a clearer view of live team activity. Making it easier for agents to make calls on behalf of multiple teams. Utilising the cloud, agents can receive calls from anywhere when they are logged in to TCM. Providing much more control and flexibility around how they manage their calls

Increased in-call information
o More detailed in-call information is displayed on screen, giving agents all the support they need to manage calls on-demand

Live outbound call statistics

Customisable reporting
o Existing reports and analytics can be added to and built upon, without having to create new dashboards for each item

Daniel Hensby, head of product management at TeleWare explains: “Businesses need the ability to react in real time to call volumes and critical business situations. Making immediate changes to their contact strategy based on real time or historic data.

“We are constantly improving and innovating our technology at TeleWare. TCM is the first of our products to move over to a centralised control dashboard, or central hub. The hub is a location from which customers will be able to access all their TeleWare services in one portal, as opposed to needing separate logins to access different services. In time, this hub will house all TeleWare services, communication recordings and reporting tools.”