CallMiner Announces Speech Analytics Calculator to Help Businesses Assess Achievable Return on Investment

CallMiner, the leading platform provider of award-winning speech and customer engagement analytics announces the launch of an online calculator that can help companies compute achievable return on investment (ROI) with CallMiner Eureka.

A recent Aberdeen Report shows there is a growing trend in the deployment of speech analytics to improve overall contact center performance and compliance. Yet, recent market penetration data shows that over 60% of US based contact centers have still not implemented a speech analytics solution.1 For some, quantifying return on the initial cost is still a challenge. Yet it is essential to securing approval for the investment. CallMiner developed the ROI calculator to help companies see the achievable impact speech analytics can have on attaining and exceeding their business goals.

CallMiner ROI Calculator users simply add their own call and labor inputs or use averages provided. Users then do the same for each area of potential improvement – quality assurance (QA) monitoring, contact center efficiency (silence, first call resolution, average call time, repeat calls, call deflection and talk-offs), agent productivity, compliance risk, agent and customer churn, and revenue through sales and collections. The tool instantly calculates ROI for each impact area as well as the total ROI.

“The CallMiner ROI calculator offers decision-makers a compelling view of the potential business outcomes from deploying a speech analytics solution,” says Scott Kendrick, CallMiner VP of Marketing. There are many success stories from customers who have shared the results they have achieved with CallMiner Eureka. The calculator aggregates the knowledge we have gained from our customers’ success, and will help buyers make the case based on the potential value they can expect from their investment,” Kendrick concludes.

Results achieved by CallMiner Eureka users.

“Since deploying CallMiner speech analytics we have been able to reduce after call work by 62%, reduce average handle time by 60% and increase daily call volumes by 82%,” says Carlos Ayala, Strategy & Analytics Analyst at Real Time Resolutions.

“We gained efficiencies, improved agent performance, and increased revenue; which paid for the system in the first six months,” says Mike Hull, Director, Business Analytics, TradeGlobal.

“We improved CSAT by 26%, agent quality scores by 19% and increased sales performance by 48%. With CallMiner Eureka we were able to achieve ROI in less than one year,” says Adam McCord, Quality Analytics Manager, Bluegreen Vacations.