Evolve IP Announces Comprehensive Solution for Multichannel Contact Center Management

PRESS RELEASE: Evolve IP, The Cloud Services Company™, announced the release of Evolve Contact Suite, a comprehensive multi-channel solution for its award-winning contact center. The suite delivers significant new capabilities and customizable, integrated tools that contact center managers need to create outstanding customer experiences, optimize agent productivity and drive insight-based business intelligence decisions.

The Evolve Contact Suite is uniquely positioned in the market with its capability to be deployed on top of a customer’s current phone system or be seamlessly integrated with Evolve IP’s hosted PBX and unified communications solution.

The capabilities and tools address multichannel interactions, deliver improved customer care and increase upsell/cross-sell opportunities with:

The ability to better serve customers through multi-channel interactions. Today’s consumers seek service and support across multiple channels and through various mobile and desktop devices. Evolve Contact Suite enables businesses to communicate with customers in their preferred channel, including social media, text/SMS, email, web chat, web callback, and phone.

The delivery of a comprehensive contact history across all channels and interactions. A customer may begin corresponding via text, then move to web chat and call later in the day to confirm details. Evolve Contact Suite delivers an integrated communications history, helping agents deliver informed, efficient customer experiences, fully integrating with CRM solutions and other business applications already in use by the enterprise.

The capability to build advanced call flows via a visual workflow tool for self-service applications, data-driven routing, and personalized customer interactions. Evolve Contact Suite’s intuitive graphical interface makes workflow changes easy, removing cumbersome manual processes. The visual workflow tool helps contact center managers better prioritize calls to the most qualified agents at the right time to improve service levels and increase sales opportunities.

“The Evolve Contact Suite’s advanced features provide contact center lead­ers with powerful real-time control and visibility of their agents along with rich operational insights,” said Evolve IP’s VP of Contact Center Solution, Rich Fox. “From quality management to customer surveys to CRM integration to business intelligence, the solution offers tools that streamline agent interactions and enhance customer experience.”

Evolve Contact Suite is currently available and offers a concurrent licensing model to help businesses cost-effectively manage multi-shift and split-shift workforce needs