CafeX and Partners Help Contact Center Operators Cut Costs, Streamline Operations

CafeX Communications® announced its latest release of Supervisor Assist, the one-click coaching solution for service agents to help enterprises transform customer care. Compatible with Cisco, Avaya, Genesys and other leading contact center technology vendors, Supervisor Assist is now available through a growing network of channel partners, including Arrow Systems Integration, Strategic Products and Services, TeleTech, and World Wide Technology.

With Release 7 of Supervisor Assist, experts have one consolidated web application to listen to conversations between agents and customers, see a remote agent’s desktop, provide guidance over web chat, highlight areas on the agent’s screen, and control the agent’s desktop, as this video shows. Requests for help can come directly from agents or be auto-initiated based on information from third party sources, such as a real-time analytics engine, which can be used to alert an expert that immediate assistance may be needed in order to mitigate a poor customer experience or negative outcome.

CafeX is offering a no-obligation free trial of its real-time coaching solution, enabling enterprises to test new capabilities that optimize first call resolution, average handle time, net promoter score and other key performance metrics. Supervisor Assist can be procured directly from CafeX or through leading contact center resellers that can resell licenses and provide professional services for solution design, installation and integration with existing business systems.

Supervisor Assist has broad applicability across industries, such as helping a global technology manufacturer train new customer service employees more effectively. Agents receive on-the-job coaching from experts during live interactions, triggered automatically by an analytics engine that prompts experts to get involved if, for example, this is the agent’s ‘nth’ call on a given topic, where n is below a pre-defined proficiency threshold.

As another example, a transportation company streamlines customer escalations. Service agents click to ‘raise a hand’ to request online assistance from a manager without placing callers on hold. Managers can collaborate with agents to ensure warm hand-offs, even if managers and agents are on different contact center systems. Customers have their issues resolved faster, and metrics like average handle time and first call resolution are improved to help reduce operational costs.

Supervisor Assist also helps facilitate proactive intervention scenarios, such as fraud detection in the financial services industry. If a potentially fraudulent credit card transaction is attempted, a third party analytics system can auto-notify the supervisor, who can then run real-time authentication and validation while the customer is on the line.

Nick Adams, CafeX executive vice president of worldwide sales and field operations: The overwhelming feedback we receive from customers is that Supervisor Assist dramatically changes typical agent operations in the contact center. Agents no longer need to flag down a supervisor for support, use a separate app or tool to get help or impose long hold times on customers while tracking down an expert. Companies can reduce travel costs, deliver flexible on-demand coaching and foster a culture of collaboration to improve agent retention.

Jon Arnold, principal analyst at J Arnold and Associates: CafeX’s strong foundation and success in maintaining a technology-agnostic and unified agent experience contributes to the power of Supervisor Assist to address workforce collaboration needs within a broad range of contact center environments. New efficiencies in call handling, proactive agent support and auto-escalation, plus the proven cost savings in agent training and mentoring, target the heart of significant concerns facing many contact center operators.

Matt Horner, vice president for U.S. East, Europe and Asia Pacific at World Wide Technologies: We see strong market demand for contact center solutions that streamline operational costs without compromising customer experiences. Solutions like Supervisor Assist that empower agents to serve customers more effectively while integrating easily with leading customer contact technologies give us tremendous flexibility to deliver high-ROI solutions that result in a significant competitive advantage for our customers.