Verint Announces Latest Version of Its Web and Social Intelligence Suite

Verint® announced the launch of the latest version of its Web and Social Intelligence Product Suite, deployed by security and intelligence government agencies, as well as enterprise and critical infrastructure organizations around the world.

The new version, called Webint 7.0, includes enhanced real-time open source collection with advanced machine learning and data mining capabilities to help transform large volumes of web and social media content into insights, identify suspicious behavioral patterns and generate predictive intelligence.

“Security organizations are struggling to hire qualified security analysts and data scientists to tackle the ever-increasing threats of terror, cybercrime and financial crimes. They need sophisticated data mining software that can simplify and automate the process of data collection and generate real-time insights,” says Elad Sharon, president, Verint Cyber Intelligence. “Our latest version, Webint 7.0, is based on deep domain expertise and incorporates unique intelligence methodologies to provide security organizations with the power to quickly and efficiently predict threats and perform comprehensive investigations.”

Today, Verint’s Web and Social Intelligence Product Suite is being used by many security organizations globally to address a variety of security challenges, including drug trafficking, terrorist activities, illegal immigration, wildlife poaching, cyber threat intelligence, illegal use of crypto currencies, identity theft, credit cards trade, personnel vetting and more.

“Verint’s Webint data mining software helped us dissolve a large drug cartel in our country,” explains the deputy head of the narcotics unit of a Western Europe country. “Leveraging the intelligence methodologies built into the product, we were able to configure the software to the specific mission of our organization in terms of intelligence-driven flows, language, and targets’ jargon and ontologies, and this became a major factor in identifying and tracking key members of the cartel, their network of production and distribution, and their means to sell drugs. We were able to achieve this success within a short period of time and with a small number of intelligence analysts.”

The Verint Webint 7.0 data mining software now supports 60 languages. In addition, Verint offers web and social intelligence services, such as analyzing security organizations’ needs, defining analytics workflows, and training on intelligence methodology best practices to maximize operational value for specific security missions.