Jacada Visual IVR Launched Into Japanese Market by Dimension Data – NTT Neomeit Partnership

Jacada announced that Jacada Visual IVR will be launched for the first time in Japan by Dimension Data Japan (DDJ) in collaboration with its partner NTT-Neomeit. The launch of “AQStage Visual IVR” is designed in response to the demand of reducing the volume of calls entering contact centers as well as to shorten call handle times.

Due to the shortage or expense of call center operators, the demand to streamline customer interactions and promote customer self-service has increased. Dimension Data Japan and NTT-Neomeit has responded with implementation of Jacada Visual IVR to bring a visual element to existing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services. Customers will be able to interact with companies through interactive menus on their smartphones without the need of an app or to listen to long voice prompts. This solution answers the call center industry demand to realize both “customer satisfaction” and “operational efficiency.”

Key Features of Jacada Visual IVR implemented for AQStage Visual IVR:

  • Customers are provided a visual menu to self-serve their issues, reducing call volume, talk time, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • No App Needed – customers on their smartphones can be guided to additional information, view helpful videos, and receive data regarding their accounts without an app installation.
  • If a customer needs to speak with a call center agent, the agent is fully informed of the customer’s previous inputs, selections, and questions. The agent is able to share images, video, and other customized information with the customer – increasing customer satisfaction.

The Jacada Visual IVR solution provides consumers an effortless way to connect with companies from their device of choice to get immediate answers. It enables them to connect with the right people in the company efficiently and in a personalized manner. Visual IVR increases customer loyalty, decreases the cost to serve, and provides a better overall consumer experience. Telecommunications companies seeking to reduce inbound calls have realized additional 10-15% call deflection after implementation of Jacada Visual IVR, while at the same time improving customer self-service and opening up new channels for upselling new products and services.

“Dimension Data Japan has been key in introducing the innovation of Visual IVR to the Japanese market. For this solution, the goals of DDJ, their partners, and Jacada Visual IVR fit perfectly – to reduce call volume, shorten talk time, and increase customer satisfaction,” says Guy Yair, Chief Executive Officer of Jacada. “We look forward to continued growth with DDJ, and in the region, as Jacada Visual IVR continues to provide amazing results in the contact center industry worldwide.”

“Jacada Visual IVR” is an epochal solution that realizes not only the efficiency of call center operations but also the convenience and satisfaction to call center users. We will work as a partner with Dimension Data Japan and make efforts to contribute to the further development of the call center industry by utilizing visual IVR and adding further added value to our service,” states Hirofumi Tsutsui, IT Business Division Director, NTT Neomeit Corporation.

“By improving efficiency, Jacada Visual IVR will realize cost reduction in Call Centre operations. At the same time, Visual IVR can improve customer satisfaction of Contact Centre callers by providing a seamless connection between SMS, websites and Contact Centre on their smartphones. As partners, Dimension Data Japan and Jacada will expand their Contact Centre and Customer Experience business with Jacada Visual IVR in the Japanese market,” says Ted Hashimoto, Representative Director & President, Dimension Data Japan Inc.