Inbenta and Bluleader Announce Partnership to Enhance the Customer Experience With AI-Powered Technology

Inbenta, a natural language processing, and artificial intelligence company announced a partnership with Australian-based Bluleader, a digital customer experience firm. The partnership brings Inbenta’s AI-powered chatbot technology to a market where customer first has become the standard, ushering in two important value propositions: improving all-around customer service and re-uniting the bond between valued customer experience and brand loyalty.

“Bluleader’s expertise in designing and implementing award-winning omni-channel experiences delivers unparalleled customer service experiences for its customers,” says Jordi Torras, Inbenta’s CEO and Founder, “Inbenta’s conversational chatbot technology enriches Bluleader’s existing solution by enabling quality self-service through intelligent AI conversation and a new way of buying product online through conversational commerce, which will insightfully direct users to the exact information they need, decrease the cost of serving the customer, while encouraging a better online customer experience.”

“There seems to be no limit to the ways we can extend Inbenta’s conversational technology to our customers. We can now enhance the customer experience with a scalable solution,” says Robin Apfel, Managing Director, Bluleader. “Inbenta’s search technology opens the door to a transformative experience that can be used to raise customer service levels for both internal and external audiences while increasing revenue for our customers.”

“We are honored to extend our global growth by partnering with Bluleader. Traditionally, Bluleader limits its alliances, which include SAP, hybris, Microsoft, and HANA, to those companies who have exceptional ability to add proven value to the customer service experience,” said Torras.

“Highly accurate on-site search is a key driver in the success of any business interacting with customers online,” adds Apfel, “And combined with the reduced cost of serving the customer. This technology brings an important value proposition to our customers who are competing in this 24×7 environment.”

Bluleader’s customers will be able to bypass a complicated, costly custom development project, as Inbenta can be quickly layered on top of the client’s existing enterprise platforms, aggregating information from the customer’s existing knowledge management databases, website, document storage, social media and community forms. This end-to-end, non-disruptive solution gives Inbenta’s highly-intuitive chatbot the ability to understand the type of information the customer is seeking. The result is intelligent, helpful responses that reduce support call time and increases revenue growth.

“With our ability to apply conversational technologies intelligently, Inbenta understands customer inquiries and recommends relevant products that not only match the customer’s search but provides additional options based on the customer’s anticipatory needs,” explains Torras.

Inbenta’s cross-selling technology works with live chat to provide targeted selections that match and complement the customer’s past interactions and on-site searches. This is a distinct competitive advantage over traditional keyword-based searches, by eliminating the need for meta-tagging or indexing.