Verint Launches Industry’s Most Modern, Flexible and Open Suite for Enterprise Workforce Optimization

Verint® unveiled the industry’s most modern solution for empowering the workforce and enhancing performance. With contemporary mobile apps that fit the way today’s employees prefer to engage, it breaks new ground for organizations striving to improve the most dominant driver of positive customer experiences: positive employee engagement.

The new Verint Workforce Optimization™ (WFO) delivers key feature enhancements across the suite of applications. It integrates secure mobile access into WFO applications, enabling employees and managers to get work done from anywhere, anytime. It also expands automatic call distributor (ACD) neutrality—supporting all leading on-premises and cloud ACD suppliers—with an open application programming interface (API) library. Additionally, the suite now offers wide-ranging enhancements that enable organizations to interact with customers across many different channels—including a consolidated platform for recording calls, texts, Skype audio, chat and video—in which real-time analytics are embedded to quickly find and evaluate interactions to improve compliance and enhance customer journeys.

“Verint’s new workforce optimization suite will take organizations a giant step forward in the quest to modernize their customer engagement approach with simple, open solutions that share intelligence to improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction,” says John Goodson, Verint SVP and general manager of products. “There are exciting new details within this enhanced WFO suite that display our passion for innovation and for our customers, and that provide the comprehensive, easy-to-use tools they need to satisfy today’s employees and consumers alike.”

Key features and qualities include:

  • Industry-leading single platform recording solution that transforms the ease and ownership costs with which organizations can capture interactions—from telephones, to video, to radio dispatch units, as well as face-to-face interactions on a tablet
  • Embedded omnichannel real-time search and evaluation, enabling organizations to seamlessly search and evaluate all interaction types (voice, text, social and video), shortening the time it takes to get the complete picture
  • Record, play and evaluate video-based interactions by displaying synchronized audio, video and screen playback, enabling users to view customer and employee video interactions side-by-side
  • Text recording that captures and analyzes text-based customer interactions to support regulatory requirements and quality management with simplified access and review
  • Chat interaction access and evaluation, providing visibility into both customer and employee dialogue within chat interactions
  • Mobile scheduling and shift-swapping, giving employees greater flexibility and control over how they work
  • Enhanced ability to share intelligence with data warehouses though easy to extract speech transcriptions
  • More open APIs that continue to expand access to data, such as the ability to replay captured interactions directly from CRM systems, easily tap into adherence data, trigger real-time events during recording, and import additional interaction media, including chat and email

Adds Goodson, “The intelligence created through Verint solutions is a great asset to facilitate quick, informed decision making, drive positive customer and business outcomes, and empower and engage employees.”