Promapp Unveils ‘Consumer-Style’ Star Rating System to Stimulate Process Improvement Culture

Promapp, a leading provider of cloud-based business process management (BPM) software, has unveiled a new star rating system that aims to boost collaboration and promote a healthy process culture. The new ‘consumer-style’ feature feeds off the success of tools used by firms such as TripAdvisor and Uber where users are given the opportunity to rate their experience and offer comments.

Promapp Chief Executive Officer, Ivan Seselj, said the star rating system is designed to encourage collaboration within organisations by offering users a simple way to give immediate feedback on the processes they use every day.

“Just as they can give feedback to a hotel or restaurant after a visit, users can now do the same thing after following a process. The rating system brings more people into the conversation and encourages them to give constructive evaluations that will help improve processes.”

Mr Seselj said the star rating system builds on Promapp’s focus on connecting teams and creating a living and breathing improvement culture that supports business transformation efforts.

“Many organisations tend to focus on high-level strategies without giving appropriate attention to the underlying processes that support them, and this is a big mistake,” he said. “It doesn’t matter how good a strategy might be – if you can’t get the operational basics right, you’ll end up in big trouble. Getting regular input from users is a critical part of operational improvement.”

The new ranking-based feedback system replaces Promapp’s existing positive/negative feedback option. Rating values will be shown and visible through Promapp’s existing comprehensive dashboard, tab and reporting functionality. Users will also be given the opportunity to provide written comments in support of their chosen rating.

“A strong process culture requires team participation in process improvement. This is a challenge for many organisations. I am confident this new star rating feature will make Promapp even more appealing to users while also ensuring the processes in place are able to better support an organisation’s long-term strategies and transformation goals,” Mr Seselj concluded.

About Promapp
Established in 2002, Promapp works with hundreds of organisations worldwide to foster a thriving business improvement and process management culture.

Promapp’s cloud-based business process management (BPM) software makes it easy to create, navigate, share and change business processes, enabling continuous improvement, risk management, quality assurance and business continuity. Providing an intuitive online process repository, an integrated process mapping tool, and a process improvement toolset, Promapp’s proprietary software supports the development of smarter and safer ways to work, while encouraging sharing of information by operational teams rather than limiting it to process analysts and technical specialists.

Promapp’s wide range of public and private sector customers includes: Coca-Cola Amatil, Air New Zealand, WesTrac, Lumo Energy, Toyota, Ricoh, McDonald’s, Audi Australia, Department of Justice, Victoria, Adelaide City Council, Central Coast Council and City of Booroondarra.