Zenith Technologies selects Workbooks CRM to support global growth

Workbooks announces that Zenith Technologies Ltd, leaders in delivering manufacturing software systems to Life Sciences companies globally, has chosen Workbooks CRM to help drive and manage business growth and provide an integrated platform for their new business sales, account management and marketing teams.

Founded in 1998, Zenith has 16 offices worldwide with over 750 skilled people, delivering over 3,500 years combined engineering experience. Working with 9 out of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, Zenith provides Enterprise Performance Solutions comprised of MES, Automation and Process Control. As the company has grown globally, so have the requirements for a CRM.

“Limitations of the current system in supporting our growth and linking up to other processes led to the search for a new and improved CRM solution,” says Stuart Richards, Sales and Marketing Director at Zenith Technologies. “Workbooks grabbed our attention straight away as they were the only CRM vendor to propose a jointly-funded Shared Success Workshop. The purpose of the Workshop was to understand the benefits a successful CRM project would deliver. Leveraging their extensive CRM experience, the Workbooks analysts and consultants translated our desired business outcomes into CRM requirements, and prepared a CRM project roadmap with resource requirements and proposed functionality”.

Key areas identified in the CRM project roadmap included sales requirements, to ensure the best customer service and account management was delivered to the customer, real-time visibility of global accounts via mobile devices, and an integrated approach that would ensure the other systems used by Zenith fed into the new CRM effortlessly.

“Having a well-defined set of CRM requirements and a clear view on our outcomes made it easier for us to carry-out the selection process,” said Richards. “We invited CRM vendors to submit proposals, and after careful consideration, we selected Workbooks as our CRM of choice to take our business forward. We liked the idea of working with a vendor who could deliver to our global needs with functionalities that were aligned to our goals, but more importantly, we believe they are the best-suited partner to ensure the success of our CRM project and felt confident that Workbooks would deliver. Thanks to the Shared Success Workshop, we also had a clear roadmap for our CRM journey.”

“We are very proud to be selected by Zenith Technologies following a thorough competitive process,” said John Cheney, CEO at Workbooks. “I’m pleased to see Zenith taking advantage of our Shared Success Workshop approach to ensure that the business outcomes and success criteria are well defined at the start of the project. We’re looking forward to a successful long-term partnership with the Zenith team.”