KPMG launches next generation Voice of the Customer tool: Customer Experience Cloud

KPMG UK launches Customer Experience Cloud, a new technology built in collaboration with Microsoft, which aims to turn the tide for the 87 percent of organisations who have achieved no significant improvement in customer experience (CX) in the last year.

The new tool uses both customer and operational insights to enable organisations to redesign customer journeys, engage colleagues, improve employee experiences and achieve better financial returns from CX investments.

The KPMG Customer Experience Cloud represents the next generation of KPMG Nunwood’s ‘Fizz: Voice of the Customer’ solution, which the firm acquired in 2015. Now powered by Microsoft Azure™, with access to machine learning, this new solution allows customer insight professionals, chief marketing officers and operational leaders to transform customer insights into better decision making and greater return on investments.

Tim Knight, Managing Director at KPMG Nunwood, commented:

“Global demand for voice of the customer technology is growing fast for a good reason; using these systems to achieve a top customer experience ranking can double a business’s revenue growth2. However for many this link is broken: in the last year, just 13 percent of UK and USA brands were able to deliver a clear improvement in their customer experience.

“KPMG Customer Experience Cloud has been designed to address this gap. We’ve seen huge appetite from clients of all sizes to move on from sterile debates about feedback and metrics, to focus on making better decisions, redesigning journeys and creating financially-grounded business cases.”

KPMG Customer Experience Cloud enables organisations to:

  • Create a centralised ‘insights ecosystem’, by integrating data gathered from surveys, website and app interactions, social media, financial and operational sources.
  • Guide customer-centric decision making with Voice of the Customer insights, to focus the organisation on taking the right actions at all levels
  • Inspire and engage colleagues to go beyond ‘closed loop feedback’ to provide targeted eLearning and improve the performance of frontline teams
  • Redesign journeys more easily by collaborating more effectively and redesigning more quickly, using integrated journey design and management tools.
  • Establish ROI and financial value, where data permits, forecast customer lifetime value and future returns, enabling CFO-credible business cases for future investments.

KPMG Customer Experience Cloud has been made possible by KPMG’s global alliance with Microsoft, the firm’s acquisition of CX specialist Nunwood Consulting, as well as the firm’s international CX thought leadership programme.

Damian Stirrett, Enterprise Sales Lead from Microsoft UK, added:

“The launch of KPMG Customer Experience Cloud builds on the Global Digital Solutions Hub created by Microsoft and KPMG earlier this year.

This new array of business tools will empower the C-suite – and beyond – to drive digital transformation in strategic areas of their business, including the critical issue of customer experience.”

KPMG Customer Experience Cloud is currently being released to EMEA clients, with a global extension to the USA and APAC markets planned in spring 2018.