One of Australia’s Largest Insurers Selects NICE’s Nexidia Analytics Solution to Improve Customer Experience

NICE announced that one of Australia’s largest multinational insurance companies is implementing Nexidia Analytics as part of an initiative to improve customer experience, increase efficiency and reduce costs. The company selected the next-generation omnichannel analytics solution due to its speed, accuracy and responsiveness, as well as its integration capabilities and impressive proven results.

Nexidia Analytics rapidly captures and analyzes 100 percent of the Australian insurer’s customer calls, combines the information with interaction data from web chats, surveys and more, and then derives rich, accurate and actionable insights. This allows the company to identify customer service pain points, take action to address them, forecast the potential benefits of specific improvements, and later measure the results. With unified metrics from various interaction channels, company supervisors are also empowered to identify best practices and coaching opportunities among their agents, ensuring that required scripts and regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

With nearly 5,000 contact center seats, handling about 12 million interactions annually, the company identified a business opportunity in making customer experience one of its key differentiators. Recognizing that this required a more precise understanding of their customer interactions, the company selected NICE’s Nexidia Analytics solution to provide the insights that drive increased satisfaction and efficiency. As a NICE customer for over 20 years, the insurer saw Nexidia Analytics as an extension of its existing offering, seamlessly integrating with the NICE recording platform already in use.

Key to the success of NICE’s analytics platform is the artificial intelligence technology underpinning its capabilities, including deep-learning neural networks and natural language processing that make it progressively more accurate in identifying the drivers of customer satisfaction. The technology also allows sophisticated searches across contact center interactions, in order to drive actionable business insights that the company can use to improve customer service. This has made NICE speech analytics the recognized leader in the market, according to DMG Consulting.

Darren Rushworth, president, NICE APAC:
“The Australian insurer’s implementation of NICE Nexidia Analytics is the largest of its kind in the region, providing the company analytics with no limits. Our solution navigates the complexities of modern insurance sector interactions, extracts implicit feedback across multiple channels, and draws actionable insights from all customer touchpoints. With these interaction analytics capabilities, the client gets to know its customers better, no matter how large the base is, and can make decisions that improve both customer experience and bottom-line business results.”