DialogTech Integrates with Amazon Connect to Help Contact Centers Convert More Callers to Customers

DialogTech, the leading provider of actionable marketing analytics for inbound calls, announced a new integration with Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex that provides contact centers with deep, real-time intelligence on inbound calls they can use to personalize call experiences and convert more callers to customers. DialogTech is the only call analytics provider selected by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to integrate with Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex.

According to a recent Forrester study, inbound phone calls are the most valuable leads for businesses, as customers who call convert faster, spend more and have a higher retention rate than those that don’t. Whether a caller converts and stays loyal, however, often depends on the quality of the call experience — studies show that 84% of callers would cease doing business with a company after a negative call experience. Unanswered calls, long wait times and unhelpful agents are among the top complaints consumers have when calling businesses.

DialogTech’s integration with AWS is intended to help businesses remedy those issues and grow revenue by providing each caller with a personalized, winning customer experience. Contact centers running Amazon Connect can use the marketing insights on each caller captured by DialogTech — including the caller’s phone number and geographic location and the marketing channel, campaign, ad variation, keyword search and webpage that drove the call — to connect callers right away with the best agents to assist them while arming those agents with intelligence on the caller to convert them to a customer.

“DialogTech is proud to be the call analytics provider chosen by AWS to help customers drive growth,” said Doug Kofoid, COO at DialogTech. “Businesses that integrate DialogTech and Amazon Connect can effectively align marketing, sales and operations together to generate better qualified inbound calls, convert more leads to customers, grow revenue and reduce churn.”

Using intelligence on inbound calls captured by DialogTech, Amazon Connect customers can:

  • Route Callers to the Best Agent to Convert Them: When shoppers call, it’s important to connect them quickly with the agent with the right skillset to convert them to an appointment, sales opportunity or customer. DialogTech captures intelligence on each call – including who the caller is and why they are calling – that Amazon Connect customers can use as signals to determine in real time how best to route each caller.
  • Arm Contact Center Agents with Insights on Each Caller: Getting shoppers to call is the first step — knowing what to say is the second. DialogTech passes insights on each caller to Amazon Connect so contact center agents know before they answer the call who the caller is, where they are calling from and the specific marketing channel, keyword search, and webpage that drove the call, which helps agents anticipate a caller’s needs and deliver a more seamless, personalized experience to win the sale.
  • Provide Amazon Lex with Data to Personalize Engagement: DialogTech can feed data on each caller’s online journey and purchasing intent into Amazon Lex to influence voice interactions. Amazon Lex can also use DialogTech to identify the caller and look up their CRM data to make better recommendations in real time.
  • Prioritize the Most Valuable Callers: Contact centers can place callers from the marketing channels, ad campaigns, search keywords or webpages with the highest purchasing intent into priority queues to get answered immediately.
  • Generate More of the Calls that Convert to Customers: By connecting marketing with sales and operations, DialogTech and Amazon Connect allow marketers to know which marketing sources generate the best converting calls. Marketing organizations can then optimize their media spend and website experiences to get more the most valuable leads calling.

To learn more about the integration, visit the DialogTech website at dialogtech.com/solutions/integrations/amazon-web-services