Jefferson County, Colorado Selects NICE Inform for New Consolidated 9-1-1 Centre Merging Eight Regional Centres

NICE announced that the Jefferson County Consolidated Communications Center Authority (JeffCom) will be deploying the full suite of NICE Inform communications recording and incident intelligence solutions to ensure the highest levels of service and public safety for residents of Jefferson County, Colorado.

The center, which will phase in during early 2018, merges eight regional Public Safety Answering Points (Arvada Fire, Arvada Police, Evergreen Fire, Golden Police, Jefferson County Sheriff, Lakewood Police, West Metro Fire and Wheat Ridge Police) into a single consolidated 9-1-1 center to better serve the citizens of Jefferson County. The 24/7/365 consolidated center will be the primary call-taking point for all of Jefferson County and will provide dispatch services for an additional fourteen police and fire agencies. Known as ‘The Gateway to the Rocky Mountains,’ Jefferson County covers a 774-square mile area and is the fourth most populous county in Colorado, with over 600,000 residents.

“NICE has enjoyed a very solid reputation with our various County agencies, even prior to our regionalization initiative, so it only made sense to bring NICE to the table,” said Jeff Streeter, Executive Director, JeffCom.

“The JeffCom consolidated center is a vital link between the citizens of Jefferson County and our emergency responders,” Streeter added. “We have an obligation to the community we serve, and also to our first responders, to provide quality of life and safety. Our goal is to provide excellence in customer service using technology and resources. We’re committed to ensuring excellence in every aspect of what we do, and NICE is helping us achieve this goal.”

“We applaud everyone at JeffCom for the work they’re doing to improve service and safety for the citizens and first responders of Jefferson County,” said Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE. “We look forward to supporting JeffCom in this mission, as we have for thousands of other emergency communications centers around the globe.”

JeffCom and NICE Inform: Ensuring Excellent Service

JeffCom will be the frontline for handling all county-wide emergency calls when the consolidated center goes live in early 2018. JeffCom will rely on NICE’s Quality Assurance (QA) solution, NICE Inform Evaluator, to ensure the highest levels of service. NICE Inform Evaluator combines automated, rules-based QA call selection with a form builder for creating customized evaluation forms to review and score telecommunicator calls. Results of evaluations are automatically tabulated and can be used to identify coaching and training gaps, while also improving feedback and employee retention. With the addition of NICE Screen Recording, JeffCom supervisors will be able to hear what was said and also see what was happening on telecommunicators’ workstations as they processed calls.

JeffCom supervisors can also reduce the emergency dispatch case review process by fifty percent by taking advantage of NICE Inform’s seamless integration to Priority Dispatch’s AQUA Evolution® (which enables convenient playback and review of audio recordings directly within the AQUA interface).

As the eight agencies merge into one consolidated center, JeffCom will also need to process large volumes of audio reproduction requests for district attorneys, detectives, media and private citizens. NICE Inform will streamline this process as well by providing a complete, true record of incidents, which can be securely and easily shared.

JeffCom and NICE Inform: Ready for Today and What’s Next

The NICE solutions anchor on other JeffCom technology investments to create an IP-based, fully interoperable and NG9-1-1-ready public safety environment. NICE Inform is fully compatible with JeffCom’s Motorola and Harris P25 IP radio systems, as well as JeffCom’s Airbus DS VESTA® 9-1-1 system (which supports VoIP, and future Text-to-911 and NG9-1-1 communications). NICE has certified integrations with all of these future-ready communications platforms.

Streeter further stated: “Text-to-911 is one of our near-term goals. We’re definitely going to be moving into Next-Gen once we’ve completed our transition to a consolidated center. Our NICE solutions have set us up nicely for that.”