Diabolocom and xBrain partnership provides innovative AI solution aimed at helping dramatically improve customer experience

Diabolocom, an operator and cloud solutions provider for omnichannel customer interactions management, and xBrain, publisher of the satisfaction.AI conversational services technology, have announced a new partnership aiming to boost the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) to help improve customer relationships.

Sharing the conviction that the role of the AI is to increase human cognitive and relational capacities rather than replace them, the two companies will support their respective and common customers in the implementation of solutions in which AI multiplies the processing capacities of their service and customer support organisations while enhancing the value of customer advisor interactions.

As the first implementation of this partnership, the connector developed by xBrain for Diabolocom allows companies to seamlessly integrate a satisfaction. AI voicebot right from the start of routes offered to their customers on the Voice channel of their Diabolocom solution. They can thus maximise the complementarity between their advisors and the services that boost the autonomy of their customers.

A qualitative response to the needs of contact centres

The joint use of the xBrain and Diabolocom technologies provides a qualitative response to three issues facing all contact centres:

  • absorb increasing call volumes and extend opening ranges without additional resources;
  • optimise the distribution of incoming call flows among available resources without increasing wait times, a major source of dissatisfaction for customers;
  • boost customer satisfaction by improving the quality and relevance of the answers provided by advisors during telephone exchanges.

“The Voice channel remains the main route for customer relationships and, in absolute terms, call volumes are constantly increasing,” says Frédéric Durand, Founder and CEO of Diabolocom.” With customer experience (CX) increasingly coming to the top of companies’ agendas and the perpetual issue of reducing customer churn, using AI technology with our solution means our customers have a real advantage.

“Through this partnership, our customers have access to the expertise offered by xBrain and the power of its algorithms, the fruit of 20 years of R&D in the fields of natural language comprehension and voice interfaces. The integration of a satisfaction. AI voicebot allows them to delegate to the AI the processing of the many calls to which advisors do not add value, and to let them focus on calls where their expertise and relational qualities make all the difference to customers,” concludes Durand.

AI becomes ally to customers and advisors

“The connection between our conversational services platform and the Diabolocom infrastructure unifies the customer experience in contact centres,” emphasises Laurent Pantanacce, CEO of xBrain. “Customers who call during opening hours but do not want to wait for an advisor to answer them can ask the AI their question verbally. The advisors, for their part, have access to a version of our technology that assists them in conducting conversations. It also allows them to take control at any time in conversations where the AI may have difficulty. Outside of business hours, customers interact directly with the AI, which answers basic questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” concluded Pantanacce.

A phenomenal extension of interaction capabilities

Companies that rely on customer satisfaction now have the opportunity to use the AI conversational service platform to dramatically increase their capabilities for interaction and customer engagement. In some projects, the technology supports 80,000 conversations per day and provides over 1,000 conversations in parallel. It can free up call centre agents by switching 30% of unsolicited calls to the AI. Customers have quadrupled the number of open qualification conversations on their e-Commerce site or even multiplied the completed questionnaires after the interactions by 150.

“Our customers’ forecasts are often out of date, sometimes as early as the first weeks of the robot’s commissioning,” adds Grégory Renard, co-founder and Chief AI Officer of xBrain. They generally underestimate the number of customers who are likely to call them outside opening hours and are ultimately very happy to interact with a robot to find out where their refund is or what is happening with their order.”

“I’m delighted that Diabolocom’s customers, like these companies, can leverage xBrain’s technology to satisfy their customers’ growing relational appetite and free their advisors from handling the basic and recurring requests that make their jobs so exhausting and prevent them from deploying their talent and building skills,” concludes Frédéric Durand.

About Diabolocom

Diabolocom is a cloud software vendor and telecommunications operator that offers an omnichannel solution for sales, customer service and contact centres.

Thanks to its speed of implementation, its intuitive interface that is fully integrated in the main CRM on the market and local business support, Diabolocom allows companies to offer benchmark customer experiences and improve their operational performance. Diabolocom supports the digital transformation of more than 250 companies in 20 countries, including: Engie, Air Liquide, Saint Gobain, Essilor, Dekra, Mister Auto, Meetic Group, Coyote, PhotoBox, Moonpig, Smartbox, Wonderbox, Decathlon, Galeries Lafayette, Carrefour, Bonduelle, Webhelp, Tessi, Comdata… etc.

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