Make your CX stand out from the crowd

Loyalty and satisfaction go hand in hand; you won’t have loyal customers unless they’re satisfied with your level of customer service. In a time when competition levels are rocketing, it’s hard for brands to stand out from the masses, but focusing on making your customer experience unique is a sure-fire way to get a step ahead.

The better the customer experience you offer, then the more loyal your customers will be; according to recent research by Yonder Digital Group, 84% of UK consumers revealed that they tend to stay more loyal and increase their business with companies who offer multiple ways of getting in touch; while 81% of customers would take their business elsewhere if their queries are not answered quickly and effectively.

In light of these statistics, customer experience is definitely a crucial factor to determine the satisfaction and therefore loyalty of consumers, for this reason, businesses should make sure to stand out from the crowd by providing exemplary customer service that will bring remarkable results for the overall ROI.

But what can you do to ensure your customer service meets your customer’s requirements?

The efficiency of contact centres and agents is definitely a key factor, as this can have a major influence on how your brand is perceived by your customers. Contact centres have an arsenal of customer insights and robust data on their preferences and behaviours which need to be used in intelligent ways; tailoring the CX to the single customer – for example – would add value to your service as they would feel unique and valuable for the company.

Agents should be able to access consumers’ information at any time in order to provide a seamless customer service, having access to this data would not only help agents to answer queries quickly but it would also allow them to provide consumers with a better quality of service.

That’s why the businesses that establish the nurturing of contact centres as a priority are the ones that will achieve more benefits such as the increase in ROI, in customer satisfaction and in loyalty.

In order to be competitive businesses have to stay relevant, which is why it is important for them to not only stay focused in the present but to look ahead and stay on top of upcoming trends for new and innovative ways to support the customer journey.

For this reason businesses need to learn how to use technology in a smart and efficient way; for example, with the help of tech tools companies can collect a variety of information, but it’s how they use it that will make a difference in the customer experience. Through the constant analysis of customer purchasing patterns or of customer behaviour, businesses can understand the reason behind a certain trend or problem and develop innovative strategies tailored to meet consumers’ specific needs.

Listening to customers is another element that can help companies to tackle their challenges; research shows that 70% of businesses that deliver exceptional customer experience use customer feedback. Through understanding and taking into consideration consumers’ views and criticism, companies can put in place new and more efficient solutions focused on solving the real challenges that affect the efficiency of their service.
Because data gathering and customers’ information play such an important part in determining how successful customer service strategies are, companies should find an adequate partner that can provide them with the right skills, innovative digital tools and consolidated experience, essential to delivering a unique customer experience.

By Graham Ede, CEO at Yonder Digital Group